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Voting Members


Professor Jonathan Powles,  Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic Innovation)

Chair of Academic Board or Nominee

Professor Nick Reid

One member of Academic Board from its elected members, nominated by the Chair of Academic Board

A/Professor Pep Serow

A/Professor Robyn Bartel

Professor Mark Perry

Professor John Rice

Coursework Postgraduate Student Representative

Mrs Becky Jardine-Holland

Undergraduate Student Representative

Mr Isaac Fogarty

Ms Penny Leary

Chairs of School Teaching and Learning Committees

Dr Elizabeth Hale (Arts)

Dr Sue Watt (BCSS)

A/Professor Linley Cornish (Education)

A/Professor Darren Ryder (ERS)

Professor Jane Conway (Health)

Professor Thomas Fudge (Humanities)

Dr Eric Ghosh (Law)

A/Professor Amanda Nagle (Rural Medicine)

Dr Gudrun Dieberg (SCT)

A/Professor Josie Fisher (UNEBS)

Additional (Non-Voting) Members
School Academic Managers/Coordinators

Ms Elizabeth McClelland (Acting) (Arts)

Mrs Susan Birchall (BCSS)

Mr Simon Knight (Education)

Mrs Karen Morris (ERS)

Ms Kath Johnson (Health)

Ms Trish Wright (Humanities)

Ms Carmel Velleley (Law)

Ms Maree Walsh (Rural Medicine)

Mrs Chris Sisson (SCT)

Ms Nicola Speden (UNEBS)

Ms Ingrid Elliston (UNE International)

Executive Director Teaching and Learning Support


Academic Quality Assurance

Mr Ben Gooley

Student Administration and Services

Mr Trevor Edgar (Director’s nominee)

Ms Jenni Ayres (Manager Information Services)

Mrs Kerrie Sheelah (IM)

Mrs Emma Wells (IM)

Ms Samantha Guest (Secretary)