Our researchers

UNE Staff

A/Professor Graham Lloyd Jones (Human Biology and Physiology, School S&T)

Nicholas Sadgrove (Research Asst, School S&T)

Professor Steven Glover (Chemistry, School S&T)

Professor Jeremy Bruhl (Botany, School ERS)

Ian Telford (Beadle Herbarium, School ERS)

A/Professor James McFarlane (Human Biology and Physiology, School S&T)

Dr Thomas van der Touw (Human Biology and Physiology, School S&T)

Dr Peter Wilson (Human Biology and Physiology, School S&T)

Dr Ben Greatrex (Chemistry/Pharmacy, School S&T)

Dr Anna-Marie Babey (Pharmacy, School S&T)

Dr Linda Agnew (Human Biology and Physiology, School S&T)

Dr Adam Hamlin (Human Biology and Physiology, School S&T)

A/Professor John Nevin (Former Head of School of Rural Medicine)

Group members (external and adjunct)

E/Professor Ken Watson (HB&P, School S&T)

Dr Ian Cassady (Formerly Mol and Cell Biol, School S&T, Now Griffith University )

Prof Stephen Pyne (Director, Centre for Medicinal Chemistry, University of Wollongong)

Dr Hans Wohlmuth (Southern Cross Plant Science, SCU, Integria Health)

Mr Ashley Dowell (Southern Cross Plant Science, SCU)

Dr Joshua Smith (Southern Cross Plant Sciences, SCU)

A/Professor Jenny Wilkinson (School of Biomedical Sciences, Charles Sturt University)

Professor Michael Heinrich (Pharmacy, University College, London)

Professor Hans Griesser (Ian Wark Research Institute, University of South Australia)

Chris Oliver (Blackmores Australia/SCU)

Mr James Tribe (Indigenous entrepreneur, Elder, Kamillaroi people)

Mr Don Murray (Chair, Board of Eurool Traditional Owners Aboriginal Coorporation)

Dr Philip G Kerr (S/Lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry, Charles Sturt University)

Dr Ian Cock (Lecturer, Griffith University)

Dr Ghaith Al-Badri (MD, Senior Lecturer, Endeavour College, Sydney)

Dr Eric Owusu Sekyere (Lecturer, Endeavour College, Sydney)