Australian Wool Education Trust Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships

Australian Wool Education Trust provides undergraduate scholarships, each valued at $6000/year, for students interested in a career within the wool industry and who are currently studying an agricultural based degree. The Scholarship is available to suitable applicants from any University. The Scholarships are co-funded by industry organizations who also help provide unique work experience opportunities.

The scholarship is available to University students currently in their 1st, 2nd or 3rd year and who have one or more years of study remaining on their degree.

Applications for the Australian Wool Education Trust Undergraduate Scholarship 2017 are now open. The application form and referee report for 2017 scholarships are available for download. Applications close 28th October, 2016.

Current industry co-sponsors include:

Honours Scholarships

AWET supports 15 Honours scholarships per year (available to suitable applicants from any University), each of which is valued at $6,000. Half the scholarship is allocated to the student, and the balance, to the University to fund the student's honours research. Applications for these scholarships are made directly to AWET.

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Recently awarded scholarship holders

Felicity BrumptonFelicity Brumpton

My name is Felicity Brumpton and I’m a 2nd year student studying a Bachelor of Animal Science majoring in livestock production at the University of New England. I’ve grown up on a mixed Merino sheep, cattle and cropping enterprise near Mitchell, Queensland. My family background and rural upbringing brought about my keen interest in sheep and wool providing me with experience in all areas of a functioning sheep business. I am also a co-owner of a Poll Merino stud with my two brothers where we travel around to numerous state and interstate shows promoting our stud. Whilst at shows, I have also had the opportunity to compete in many junior judging competitions as well as having experience as an associate judge. 

The Australian Wool Education Trust Scholarship is not only going to reduce the financial burden of university fees but allow me to pursue my passion for the sheep and wool industry as I believe there is an exciting future within this field. I am particularly interested in  studying the Sheep Production unit as I would like to learn how to enhance the genetic potential of Merinos and produce a sustainable, highly productive dual purpose sheep that will meet the demand of meat and wool fibre in a rapidly growing world population. The Wool Marketing and Clip Preparation unit will also assist me in the finer details in learning the range of markets and international demand there is for various wool types.

Max Edwards Max Edwards

My name is Max Edwards; I am a 4th year student studying a Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience at The University of Sydney. I was raised on a mixed-enterprise family farm near Wellington in Central-West New South Wales and was always heavily involved in operations with sheep, cattle and cropping. Having a strong interest in both sheep meat and wool production from a young age, I was able to get involved within the industry by working at various farms and studs in the area as well as the local sheep sale yards at Dubbo.

Working particularly with my father, a 3rd generation meat and wool producer, and grandfather who is still operating at 86, has given me a passion for producing sheep which has led me to further study. Through my coursework, excursions and professional development program I have been able to gather a better understanding of Australian agriculture. Additionally, by undertaking online Sheep and Wool units, Fundamentals of Sheep and Wool Production (WOOL300) and Wool Marketing and Clip Preparation (WOOL322), I will be able to further my knowledge of the sheep industries in detail.

The Australian Wool Education Trust Scholarship is a great opportunity which will allow me to develop a network within the wool industry, gaining vital experience, while assisting financially with the costs of studying and living away from home. This year I will be completing an honours research project investigating the ability of walk over weigh technology to assist in real-time decision making on-farm.

Brian OstiniBrian Ostini

I have been working as a farmhand on a fine/medium sheep and cattle property at Euchareena in Central West NSW for the past two years. This experience has been very beneficial in learning about the practical side of a grazing enterprise.I have completed a Diploma in Agriculture, which will enable me to articulate into the second year of the Bachelor of Agrifood systems at UNE in 2016. I am also currently completing the Certificate IV in Woolclassing because I want to improve my understanding of wool more specifically. Studying the units ‘Wool Biology and Measurement’ and ‘Sheep Production’ will enable me to enhance this understanding further.

I am keen to contribute to the wool industry by applying the knowledge and skills I will learn at university to the industry, to encourage innovation, the utilisation of new technology and further the sustainability of the industry.

My aim is to eventually manage my own agricultural enterprise. My specific interests are medium wool, high fertility sheep, with an aim to develop a profitable and sustainable business.The AWET scholarship will reduce my financial burden and let me focus on my studies; I also look forward to the work experience with the scholarship sponsors.

Lucy GoldspinkLucy Goldspink

Originally, I came from a farm in Mendooran NSW and have worked with sheep and wool my whole life. I grew up in shearing sheds with my mum and dad and worked school holidays as a roustabout throughout my childhood and teenage years. After school I moved to NT on a station. Now I live in remote SA on a sheep and cattle station and work as a contract musterer. I am in my third and final year of the Bachelor of Agrifood Systems studying externally through UNE. In trimester 3, 2015 I undertook WOOL300 and WOOL427 which were great. They allowed me to expand my practical knowledge in a theoretical sense and I thoroughly enjoyed them.

I hope one day to be able to make a contribution to the wool industry, I am not yet sure which path I will take but I would love a job that enables me to meet different people and get outside every day.