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About the Resource

Ghastly guests is an upper primary unit of work that investigates weeds with links to the curriculum in each state and territory of Australia. The unit includes suggested lesson activities with accompanying worksheets and teacher resources.

The unit is divided into three sections:

  • What are weeds? Students complete activities that introduce and describe weeds discovering some basic weed issues and developing their interest to find out more about this topic.
  • Why are weeds such ghastly guests? The activities in this section provide the opportunity for students to investigate weeds by completing a range of scientific experiments and activities. Students will discover the different adaptations of weeds such as seed dispersal, seed dormancy and plant competition. The experiments and activities in this section are also designed to enable students to develop scientific investigative skills such as designing and carrying out fair tests; predicting; observing; designing models; recording; evaluating procedures; presenting; and analysing data collected to form conclusions.
  • Final projects. Students apply the theory that they have learnt by completing some assessable projects.


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