Animal House Complex


UNE has a complex of animal housing facilities designed for the maintenance of animals utilised for research purposes. Associated facilities are those of the UNE Rural Properties where livestock species are managed under commercial regimes but in the context of research and teaching objectives.

Animal handling facilities are linked to some of the animal house complex but these facilities have limited capacity for large animal restraint and manipulation.
All animal experimentation is overseen by the UNE Animal Ethics Committee and animals are regularly monitored to ensure welfare standards are maintained.

General Purpose Housing Facilities

Animal House A

Animal House A presently offers 28 metabolism crates for small ruminant nutrition studies and has 5 experimental rooms suitable for intensive small animal studies. These rooms are not temperature controlled but have natural light.

This facility also has 4 rooms that can be utilized for high temperature climate studies designed for medium size livestock species (up to 15). These rooms provide the opportunity for studies at high temperatures and humidity.

Animal House B

This building offers 10 temperature controlled rooms each with wash-up facilities.

Animal House C

There are eight climate controlled rooms (temperature and humidity within a range of 10-50°C) allowing experimental control largely for small animal research.  The complex also has 10 rooms available to house a small number of animals for short-term experiments. Some of these rooms are allocated for use as rodent housing (rats and mice).

Animal House C also provides 96 individual animal pens with metal flooring which are suitable for weaner pigs, sheep or goats. There is no temperature control within this part of the facility.

Animal House D

The Animal House D complex provides 8 group pens and 76 individual pens with wooden slatted flooring. The pens are predominantly used for sheep experiments and have the capacity to hold 156 animals.

Animal House Beef Unit

This facility has the capacity to individually house 17 cattle, ranging in weight from 200-400kg, for short-term nutritional studies. The facility can be adapted for other species. In early 2010 a new beef facility will be located closer to the animal house complex.

Poultry Facilities

There are a number of facilities suitable for large-scale poultry experimentation. Sheds at Kirby Research Station are furbished as floor pens for the rearing of broiler or layer birds in experimental groups of 200 plus.  

Commercial scale layer sheds located on Laureldale Research Station have the capacity to hold several thousand layer birds in commercial cages. Other sheds are available in this complex and may soon be adapted for barn and/or free range systems for layers.

Smaller scale layer facilities are also located close to the animal house complex but are isolated from the complex to allow animal health studies to be conducted. There are limited facilities for broiler birds with the general purpose housing facilities being adequate.

Associated Resources

  • Isolator Facility
  • Large feed mixing room - used for preparing special diets in batches (1kg to several hundred kilos) 
  • CAT Scanner - located within the complex and linked to yard facilities. This facility is available for use in animal research and is predominantly used for body composition studies in livestock

Bookings and Enquiries

Grahame Chaffey
Animal House Manager
P: 02 6773 3233 / 0408 658 248
F: 02 6773 3906

Animal House Staff

Gary Taylor
Technical Officer
P: +61 2 6773 3233
F: +61 2 6773 3906

Jenny Wittig
Laboratory Assistant
P: +61 2 6773 3233
F: +61 2 6773 3906