The word 'philosophy' literally means love of wisdom.  Philosophy investigates the basic claims science makes about the world as well as the principles that govern human life and morality. Topics of philosophical interest are wide-ranging  - questions such as: whether it is possible to travel into the past, whether euthanasia is morally justified, how the brain can give rise to consciousness, how much of what we think we know we really do know, what it is to think and act rationally, are all perennial interest to Philosophy, for none of these questions has been definitively answered.

Even if you do not chose to major in Philosophy, you may easily be able to incorporate some of our units into your degree. All you need is a willingness to think about things.


Undergraduate Degrees

Advanced Diploma in Arts
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science

Postgraduate Coursework

Graduate Certificate in Arts
Graduate Diploma in Humanities
Master of Arts


Bachelor of Arts with Honours

Postgraduate Research

Master of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy


PHIL101 Bioethics
PHIL102 The Art of Good Thinking
PHIL150 Introduction to Philosophy B: Introduction to Metaphysics
PHIL151 Introduction to Philosophy A: The Examined Life
PHIL303 Epistemology: The Enlightenment and Beyond
PHIL304 Philosophy of Science
PHIL306 European Philosophy I: The 19th Century
PHIL307 European Philosophy II: The 20th and 21st Centuries
PHIL308 Friendship, Love and Sex
PHIL323 Philosophy of Social Science
PHIL330 Elementary Logic
PHIL342 Ethical Theory
PHIL343 Aesthetics
PHIL363 Persons and Individuals
PHIL366 The Ethics of Environmentalism
PHIL375 Social Philosophy: Issues in Applied Ethics
PHIL385 Reason and Choice: Individual, Social, Political
PHIL401H Philosophy Hons Coursework
PHIL402H Philosophy Hons Dissertation
PHIL503 Epistemology: The Enlightenment and Beyond
PHIL504 Philosophy of Science
PHIL506  European Philosophy I: The 19th Century
PHIL507 European Philosophy II: The 20th and 21st Centuries
PHIL508 Friendship, Love and Sex
PHIL530 Elementary Logic
PHIL542 Ethical Theory
PHIL543 Aesthetics
PHIL563 Persons and Individuals
PHIL566 The Ethics of Environmentalism
PHIL575 Social Philosophy: Issues in Applied Ethics
PHIL585 Reason and Choice: Individual, Social, Political


Philosophy provides students with the ability to think critically. This skill is required increasingly in the labour market. Philosophy is a worthwhile component of any Arts degree.


Members of the discipline are experienced researchers with good records of scholarly publication.  Each member has specific areas of interest and expertise but they are adequately qualified to supervise thesis work in all the main areas of philosophical study. They are:

Dr Sandy Boucher

Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Science and Epistemology

Dr Tony Lynch
Moral and political philosophy, philosophy of psychology; environmentalism

Assoc Prof Adrian Walsh
Political philosophy; applied ethics, ethics

The Discipline's research covers such diverse areas as personal identity, time, hermeneutics, bioethics, environmental ethics, meta-ethics, the philosophies of: the social sciences/ religion/language/mind, moral philosophy, political philosophy, scientific method, metaphysics, philosophy of physics, philosophy and literature, continental philosophy, axiology, epistemology, the literary study of religious texts and feminist theory.

Partnerships, Networks and Industry Links

Language and Cognition Research Cluster

Australasian Association of Philosophy


Enquiries about studying Philosophy at UNE can be made to:

Associate Professor Adrian Walsh

Ph: +61-2-6773 2657