The weekly research seminar is usually held at 9.30 – 10.30am on Fridays in Oorala lecture theatre but it is best to confirm this by checking the weekly advertisement in Events on the UNE home page.


For further details contact Karin von Strokirch.

Trimester One, 2018 (March - June)

9 March

Professor Hans Taeuber,

Daily life in ancient Ephesos: The evidence from the graffiti

16 March

Peter J Crawford, How seriously does Australia take water security? Political assertion versus reality

23 March

Bronwyn Hopwood

The Good Wife: Fate, fortune, & familia in Augustan Rome

13 April

Jim Belshaw, New England travels: Journeys through space and time

4 May

Thomas Kehoe,

'Homicide was committed frequently by our soldiers': The problem for US military government during the World Wars

11 May

Alan Scott,

Populism and neo-nationalism in Europe: A tale of two countries

18 May

Iain Davidson, Signs, pictures, art, marks

25 May

Thomas Fudge, Where are all the women in the Hussite Revolution?

1 June

Mal Ridges, Caring for culture: The science of supporting Aboriginal culture in the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

15 June

Johanna Garnett, Myanmar and China: Economic allies in development or destruction?

22 June

Wendy Beck, The archaeology of Northeast NSW: Wetlands and cave excavations 1986-2016

29 June

Adrian Walsh, Desperate exchange and injustice

Trimester Two, 2017 (June - September)

30 Jun

Matthew Allen, The spectacle of disciplinary authority: The meaning of flogging in convict NSW

7 Jul

Edith Ziegler, Darling Mother, Darling Son: The correspondence of Leslie Walford and Dora Byrne, 1929-1972

14 Jul

Jerusha Hackworth (Skype), Empowerment through education? Female university students in post-conflict Sierra Leone

Sam Angulo Onapa, Dealing with estranged political relationships: A pre- requisite for sustainable peace in South Sudan

Debarchana Chakrabarty, What can social media deliver? Anna Hazare and India against corruption

21 Jul

Jayne Persian, Cold War Warrior: Vladimir Ležák Borin

28 Jul

Randall Albury and George Weisz, What the Madonna's elbow tells us about the health of manual labourers in Renaissance Italy

4 Aug

John Idriss Lahai, The Imagery of humanitarianism: Identity politics and the Ebola pandemic

11 Aug

Paul Barratt, Post-Traumatic Stress in Australian first responders

This is followed by UNE Museum of Antiquities unveiling two engravings (1500s) of Roman winged figures by Giovanni Battista de' Cavalieri

1 Sep

Mosmi Bhim, Comparing electoral autocracies in small island developing states

8 Sep

Jo Coghlan, The politics of fashion: Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama

15 Sep

Lachlan Grant, The challenges of interpreting the Holocaust in the Australian War Memorial’s Second World War gallery

22 Sep

James Wright, Bringing the dead to life: Scientific excavations of a Mycenaean chamber tomb cemetery in the Nemea Valley, Greece


School of Humanities Research Day – presentations by academic staff

Trimester One, 2017 (February - May)

24 February

Greg Horsley, Early Christianity in Pisidia: Assessing some problematic evidence

3 March

Thomas Fudge, The USS Liberty after 50 years: An unsolved mystery?

10 March

Marty Branagan, The Franklin River blockade: A case study of nonviolent direct action

17 March

Bronywn Hopwood, Licinia: A counterfactual inheritance and the ethics of empire

24 March

Declan Humphreys, The pleasure illusion: An analytic of how pleasure can be false

31 March

Jayne Persian, Cold War Warrior: Vladimir Ležák Borin

21 April

Sandy Boucher, Conceptual broadening, meaning change, and conventionalism

28 April

Thomas Kehoe, Built on tradition: The American vision for military government in Germany

5 May

Luke Godwin, A cluttered field: Issues associated with ‘best practice’ in Aboriginal cultural heritage management

12 May

Vanessa Bible, Love in an anthropogenic climate: Biophilia and environmental action

19 May

Graham Maddox, Republicanism in the interregnum

26 May

Confirmation of PhD candidature:

John Ahere, Kenyan politics and political violence

Neneh Bah, Gender responsiveness of Sierra Leone governance

Anita Wanki, Regional response to violence in Central African Republic

9.30 to 10.30am, Oorala lecture theatre, UNE followed by morning tea in the Humanities tea room


Video recordings of past seminars.


T1 2016

26 Feb

Greg Horsley, A posthumous honorific inscription from Crete mentioning an 'archisynagogos'

4 March

Nathan Wise, Military moral economies - The American civil War, the First World War and the Second World War

11 March

Richard Jones, Shooting the breeze: Participatory photo storytelling with young adults in Timor-Leste

18 March

Luke Godwin & Ian McNiven, Strands of Connection: Darumbal native title and the management of marine resources

1 April

Brett Holman, Constructing the enemy within: rumours of secret German forts and aerodromes in Britain, 
August-October 1914 

8 April

Safal Ghmire, The influence of rising powers in Asia: China-India rivalry and Post-war security in Nepal

29 April

Tristan Taylor, From anger to exemplarity: Genocide in the ancient world

6 May

Babette Smith OAM, The making of the Australian working class

13 May in A2

Antonia Sagona, Between rigid ideology and emerging elites: The Southern Caucasus in the early and middle Bronze Ages (ca. 3500-1800 BC)

20 May

Thomas Fudge, Humanism, heresy, and the ideal philosopher: Poggio Braccioline's "dangerous" letter of 1416

27 May

William Oates, A study of archival sources that document the history of Saumarez Gardens since 1900

3 June

Peace Studies debate organised by Helen Ware

10 June

Jan Richardson, The gendered 'zone of silence': Examining the absence of female convict experience in Queensland's post-1840s historical narrative

T2 2016

1 July

Richard Scully & Alan Davison, Windows on 19th Century studies at UNE

8 July

Kathryn Welch, Primores Feminae: Women on the Coins 40BCE-29CE

15 July

Anthea Sutton, The fine line between the mad and the bad: Victorian prisons and insane asylums, 1856-1914

22 July

Adrian Walsh, The Immunity thesis, the defeasible a priori and political philosophy

29 July

Martin Gibbs, Failed 16th Century Spanish colonies in the Solomon Islands

5 August

William Twayijize, Preventing the resource curse through indigenous participation in Kenya: How the Turkana community might benefit from oil

12 August

Katja Sporn, Communal Rituals and Religious Acts: Problems of Definition

2 September

Harout Akdedian, The new social order in Syria: Perceptions of radicalised Islamic groups and emerging narratives of communal relations

9 September

Tim Battin, Neoliberalism in Contempt

16 September

Dispatches from a Dubai dune: SHARP archaeologists’ panel

23 September

John Ferry Memorial lecture by Jody Steele from Port Arthur Historic Site

30 September

Peter Drysdale, China and Japan: The state of the relationship and its prospects

27 October

Allan Behm & Tony Windsor in conversation, The politician, the party and the people: Why do the people always come last?

4 November

Clemens Koehn, Ready for Reconquista: Justinian as Caesar under Justin I (AD 525-527)

11 November

Brett Holman, Richard Scully & Nathan Wise, World War I studies at UNE

18 November

Mike Moignard, Pre-Armidale: Howard Hinton's collecting 1915-1930

25 November

Barbara Caine, Windows on the 19th Century: Women's Letters and Biography

2 November

Humanities Research Day


Trimester 1

13 Feb

Adrian Jones – "The Enlightenment as viewed from Moldavia: Dmitri Cantemir (1673-1723): Ottoman Musician and Historian and Romanian Rebel and Prince"

Thu 19 Feb 5.30 for 6pm

Deb Verhoeven – "Dipping a Toe in the Digital Humanities"

20 Feb 
9-12 noon

Deb Verhoeven – "Hands-on Digital Humanities: Producing sticky research" a workshop for UNE Humanities and Creative Arts staff, register with Louise Noble

Tue 24 Feb
5 for 5.30pm

Fintin Cullen – "Migrating Objects: Ireland and Empire"

27 Feb

Martin Gibbs – "The Archaeology of Crisis: The wreck and survivor camps of the VOC ship Batavia (1616)"

6 Mar

Paul Barratt – "Australian war powers: The case for reform"

13 Mar

Paddy Tobias – "Lost in Transition: The development of Timor-Leste and the cultural fallout"

20 Mar

Richard Scully – "The Rivals of Sir John Tenniel - Non-Punch Cartooning in Britain, 1861-1901"

27 Mar

Ben Rich – "Ontological racketeering: A case study in the formation of the Saudi state"

24 Apr

Vanessa Bible – "On common ground: An environmental history of the Rainbow region in NSW"

1 May

Sarah Lawrence – "Remembering and Forgetting: Seneca the Elder and the Controversiae"

8 May

Iain Davidson – "Not just good to think: Animals in rock art"

15 May

Ron Tappy – "The linear alphabet and the longue duree"

22 May

Lorina Barker – "Kundjikah: Documenting the process of making a film for family and community"

29 May

Stephanie Shing-Kelly – "Anne Stanhope, Duchess of Somerset: Religion, Politics and Patronage in Reformation England"

5 Jun

Julie Collins – "Reconciliation in Australia"


Trimester 2

3 July

Christina Kenny - "Gendered citizenship & embodied rights in post-colonial Kenya"

10 July

James Page - "Reclaiming the Kellogg-Briand Pact"

17 July

Greg Horsley - "Pagan angels in Roman Asia minor: Revisiting the epigraphic evidence"

24 July

Thomas Fudge - "Making it or faking it? Jan Hus and the modern pilgrimage of a “medieval relic”"

5.30 for 6pm Mon

27 July

Sidney Jones Support networks for ISIS in Indonesia

(This public lecture is in lieu of the Friday session)

7 Aug

Three minute thesis competition for Humanities & Arts postgraduate students

14 Aug

Erin Ihde - "A Chinese-hating American in colonial Australia? The case of Edward Smith Hall"

21 Aug

Chaminda Jayasinghe - "Returned to Danger? Evaluation of the safety concerns of the returnees to Sri Lanka"

28 Aug

Margaret Small - "Edwin Blomfield's defence of  'Salisbury' & 'Boorolong', 1897-1907"

4 Sep

Balázs Áron Kovács - "Peace, infrastructure and state-building at the margins in a Philippine province"

11 Sep

John Oakley - "Scenes from Daily Life on Athenian Vases"

18 Sep

David Donaldson - "Looking for Captain Thunderbolt"

25 Sep

Anne Rogerson - "Oxford harpies: Virgil's Aeneid and Dorothy L. Sayers' Gaudy Night"

9 Oct

David Roberts - "Colonial Gulag:  Legal change, convict activism and the Port Macquarie penal settlement, 1823-1826"

16 Oct

Mini-politics symposium on Abbott’s war on everything and its casualties

23 Oct

Clemens Koehn - "Shooting like the Romans: Reconstructing ancient catapults"

30 Oct

Jillian Huntley - "The provenance postulate, pigments and portable X-Ray fluorescence – An Australian perspective"

6 Nov

Humanities staff research presentation day

13 Nov

Alison Broinowski - "Australia’s public diplomacy: Does it compete?"

20 Nov

Greg Stanton - "Accommodation for St Paul’s entourage"


Trimester 1

14 February


Sandra Tarte, 'Regionalism and changing regional order in the Pacific Islands'
21 February

Phil Kowalick,  'A critique of witness protection in Australia'

 Joint seminar with Law and BCSS 

28 FebruaryRandall Albury & George Weisz, 'Deliberate medical malpractice by Nazi doctors treating prominent officials of the Third Reich'
7 MarchTony Lynch, 'The great solipsist: Reading the first emperor'
14 MarchDon Beer, 'Miracle on Black Mountain:  The creation of the Australian National Botanic Gardens, Canberra, 1900-1970'
21 MarchEric Meyers, 'The challenge of Hellenism and the rise of early Judaism and Christianity'
28 MarchBronwyn Hopwood, 'Women of Substance: Aemiliae, Corneliae, Papiria, and the Lex Voconia'
4 AprilCameron Moore, 'Australia's interventions in Somalia, East Timor and the Gulf: An exercise of unlimited power?' Joint seminar with Law
2 MayMatt Allen, 'Authority and responsibility: Towards a genealogy of power in colonial NSW'
9 MayHelen Ware, '1914-2014: Has Commemoration become Celebration?'
16 MayChristeen Schoepf, 'The Cheer-Up society: The war work of South Australian women on the peripheries of Empire and war'
23 MayThomas Fudge, "Peculiar lives": Heretics in medieval Bohemia'
30 MayLinus Malu, 'How effective is the International Criminal Court?'
6 JuneLynn Gailey, 'From bipartisanship to policy vacuum: Australia's contemporary approach to trade agreements'
13 June Nathan Wise, 'The genealogy of Anzac and digger, and reflections on the cultural archive'

Trimester 2

4 July

Peter Cane, 'Exceptionalism in law and politics' Joint seminar with Law

11 July

Andrew Piper, 'New Zealand colonial propaganda: the use of cannibalism, enslavement, genocide and myth'

18 July

Jan Piet Knijff, 'Writing, not translating: teaching Latin composition'

25 July

Karin von Strokirch, 'Coalition foreign policy: the good, the bad & the ugly'

1 August

Adrian Walsh, 'Water as an idiosyncratic distributive good'

8 August

Chris Williams, 'The invention of bureaucracy: controlling the job of the British policeman, 1775-1914'

15 August

Andrew McCarthy, Director of the Cyprus-American Archaeological Research Institute (CAARI) in Nicosia tbc.

5 September

Alastair Blanshard, 'The Archaeology of the Athenian Lawcourt'

12 September

Johanna Garnett, 'Military, monasteries, mud brick and mushrooms - Grassroots environmental adult education in Myanmar (Burma)'

19 September

Harout Akdedian, 'Islamic radicalisation and the discourse of 'othering' in Syria: theological foundations of social exclusion in Islam'

26 September

Emily Kearns, Oxford University on Greek religion tbc.

3 October

Brett Holman, 'Staging the aerial theatre: Britishness and airmindedness in the 20th Century'

10 October

Graham Maddox, 'American (adverse) influence on Australian politics'

17 October

School of Humanities teaching and learning symposium

24 October

Lloyd Weeks, 'The quest for the copper mountain of Magan: How metallurgy shaped Arabia and set the horizons of the Bronze Age world'

31 OctoberJanet Hunt, 'Closing the Gap for Indigenous Australians? Lessons from international development'
Note: This Seminar will be held in the Oorala lecture theatre
7 NovemberSchool of Humanities research symposium
14 NovemberJohn S. Ryan et al. on (Russel Ward's daughter's book) Biff Ward's In My Mothers Hands: A disturbing memoir of family life
21 NovemberVincent Blokker, 'Australian & EU approaches to maritime security'

Trimester 1

22 FebruaryGreg Horsley, Adolf Deissmann (1866-1937): epigraphy, papyrology, lexicography
1 MarchMargaret Small, The Impact of Closer Settlement in the Armidale District between 1905 and 1910
8 March

Caroline Gaden, Pounding Along to Singapore

15 MarchHelen Ware, Australian Aid: A Positive Contribution to Peace?
22 MarchThomas Fudge, Questioning the Confessions of a Medieval Serial Killer
10 MayLyndon Megarrity, The Politics of Northern Australia, 1945-1975
17 MayKen Fraser, What We're Fighting For: war, evolution and Gonzo anthropology
24 MaySarah Lawrence, How to be Good: The language of virtue in Valerius Maximus
31 MayDB Subedi, Social Reintegration of the Maoist Ex-combatants in Nepal

Trimester 2

5 JulySchool of Humanities Teaching & Learning Symposium
12 JulyBrett Knowles, Transforming Pentecostalism: The Changing Shape of Pentecostalism in Aotearoa-New Zealand
19 JulyPeter Arzt-Grabner, 'Neither a Truant nor a Fugitive': The Sale of Slaves in Roman Egypt and Other Provinces
26 JulyJan-Piet Knijff, Who Said Latin Is Dead?: Active Latin in the Classroom and Beyond
2 AugustJudy Powell, Just a Good Story: Writing the Lives of Jim and Eve Stewart
9 AugustPaula Jane Byrne, The Language of Space and Ownership in Sydney, 1810-15
16 AugustAngelos Chaniotis, Ancient Greece After Sunset: histories, archaeologies and perceptions of the night
6 SeptemberBill Oates, Digital Imagery as a Tool for Historical Research
13 SeptemberTBA
20 SeptemberJune Ross, Change and Continuity: New Perspectives on Kimberley Archaeology
27 SeptemberGrace Moore, 'The Heavens Were on Fire': Incendiarism and the Defence of the Home
4 OctoberWayne Horowitz, All About Rainbows: An Ancient Near Eastern View of the Rainbow of the Flood
9 October

Combined BCSS/SHum Seminar

Xanthe Mallett, An Academic's Role: Using the Media to Advantage

11 October Jennifer Clark, 'Without Bursting His Boiler': Science Teaching and the Scientific Future of NSW, 1958-1963
1 NovemberPeace Studies Research Seminar - New Insights
8 NovemberPeter O'Donohue, Chinese Brown Glazed Stoneware: An Archaeological Re-Assessment of Provenance and Importance
15 NovemberDavid Kent, A 'Neglected Though Useful Class of Men': The Dick Bequest and the Parish Schoolmasters of North-East Scotland, 1833-1853
22 NovemberRoss Lamont, Captain Robert FitzRoy, H.M.S. 'Beagle', 1831-1836, and Charles Darwin's autobiography
29 NovemberAdrian Walsh, Austerity Obligations, Economic Citizenship and the Military Metaphor

Trimester 1

17 February Paul Geraghty, Pre-European contact betwween Australia and New Caledonia: linguistic and other evidence
24 FebruaryGreg Horsley, One hundred years of the Loeb Classical Library 
2 MarchDavid Kent, 'The real interests of 800,000 slaves': Thomas Fowell Buxton, the politics of an evangelical conscience and the parliamentary campaign to liberate the slaves 1823-34
9 MarchJohn Kent, Five cold wars: the way they were fought by the US and the West
16 MarchRichard Jones, Living arts: developing creativity programs in post-conflict Timor-Leste
30 MarchRaed Alhargan, Human rights in Saudi Arabia
27 AprilPamela Gaber, Recent excavations at Idalion, Cyprus: new light on Levantine cult in the first millennium BCE
4 MayMike Pepperday, The connection between role identity and social identity and their relation to ideology Identity and Ideology
11 MayRay Fife, Pilbara archaeology: a cultural heritage management perspective
18 MayKaren Filewood, Who's buried in your backyard?
25 MaySteve Cunneen, The Major and the Methodist: an examination of the dispute between Grose and Johnson
1 JunePeter Jones, Are Muslim values incompatible with Australian values: What do Australian Muslim students think?
15 JuneAngie Kahler, Voicing history: protest in Tibet since 1987
22 JuneLynda Garland, The Byzantine family - and other animals
29 JuneNigel Holman, The Germani

Trimester 2

6 JulyPeter Enlund, Captain George Rutledge at Fremantle, 1840-1845
13 JulyMark Golden, Children in the Roman Family 
20 JulyJoanna Boileau, Tradition and innovation: Chinese market gardening technology in Australia and New Zealand
27 JulyVincent Blokker, Somali piracy: What is to be done?
3 AugustD.B. Subedi, Maoists in Nepal: From civilian to combatant
10 AugustCatherine Morgan, Pindar and Corinth
24 AugustKarin von Strokirch, TBA
31 AugustGreg Stanton, Wealthier supporters of Jesus of Nazareth
7 SeptemberSchool Teaching & Learning Symposium
14 SeptemberIgnatius Udunuwara, Are we human, inhuman or non-human or simply divine?
21 September Bronwyn Hopwood, What's in a name? Appian and the nomenclature of Oktaouios Kaisar
5 OctoberTom Kehoe, US management of crime in postwar Germany, 1945-46
12 OctoberRobert Mason & Anna Hayes, Displacement and loss: Two case studies in Australian migration
19 OctoberPeter O'Donohue, Chinese brown glazed stoneware: an archaeological re-assessment of provenance and importance
26 OctoberRichard Scully, The other Napoleonic Wars: Napoleon III, France, and making of the modern world, 1848-1870
2 NovemberAndrew Piper, Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp: 'a sad chapter in American history'

Semester 1

18  February    Peter Forrest, In Defense of Anthropomorphic Theism
25 FebruaryRandall Pogorzelski, Orbis Romanus: Lucan and the Limits of the Roman World
11 MarchMun-keat Choong, A Comparison of the Pāli and Chinese Versions of the Brahma Saṃyutta, a Collection of Early Buddhist Discourses on Brahmās, the Exalted Gods
14 MarchPaul Geraghty, Where in the World is Ulimaroa? Or, How a Pacific Island Became the Australian Continent
18 MarchKarin von Strokirch, International Relations in the Pacific: Trends Past and Present
25 MarchScott Harris, Roam'n Chickens: The Spread of Domestic Chickens Throughout the Roman Empire
1 AprilJim Belshaw, Social Change in New England, 1950-2000
8 AprilJohn Ryan, Thomas Galloway, M.D., 1779-1852: And Did Those Feet in Convict Times Walk Upon New England's Mountains Green?
14 AprilIan Campbell, 'Fatal Impact' in Pacific Historiography
13 MayZahid Ahmed, South Asian Regionalism: Lessons to be Drawn From Other Regions
17 MayTim Harrison, The Madaba Plains Project in Jordan
20 MayAnna Silvas, The Convergence of Greek, Latin and Syriac Christianity: The Career of Basil's Small Asketikon
27 MayKen Fraser, Great-power competition, alternative visions and the transformation of world order: a global SitRep
3 JuneRichard Jones, Timor Leste: Youth issues
10 JuneAdrian Walsh, Economic Hurts and Millian Harms
17 JuneRobert Haworth, Cartographic Evidence Against an Early Portuguese Discovery of Australia: The Need for Legends of Pre-Discovery in New Settler States
24 JuneTristan Taylor, Caesar's Gallic Genocide? Mass Violence in the Roman World

Semester 2

1 JulyKathy Moignard, Alexander of Abonoteichos and Apollonios of Tyana in liminal encounters: some comments on Lucian's Alexander and Philostratos' Vita Apollonii
8 JulyMeg Vivers, Adventure Engineers of the Nineteenth Century: Sugar, Slavery, and the Sweet Taste of Success
29 JulyPatrick Nunn, Climatic Disruption of Pacific Island Societies About AD 1300
5 AugustMarty Branagan, Nonviolence: How Most Revolutions Really Occur
12 AugustJack Davis, Dateline 1180 BC: The Palace of Nestor after the Collapse of Mycenaean Society
19 AugustJohn Idriss Lahai, Sierra Leone — A Poor Diamond Producer?
26 AugustChris Davey, Jim Stewart and Walter Beasley: The Beginnings of Near Eastern Archaeology in Australia
2 SeptemberMick Reed, Misconceptions, Myths and Maps: A Fresh Look at Early Armidale Town Plans
Powerpoint Presentation
9 SeptemberBronwyn Hopwood, Hortensia Speaks
14 October Robin Lowry, An Arkansas Journey: Biography in Bill Clinton's Territory
21 October Matthew Dillon, Educating the Athenian Rita: Engendering the Scroll in Classical Greece
28 October David Andrew Roberts, Resurrecting Thunderbolt: History, Fiction and Politics in an Age of Confusion
4 NovemberErin Ihde, Biggles Sees Red: Saving Australia from the Communist Menace
11 NovemberRichard Jones, Creativity Programs With Disenfrachised Youth in Timor Leste
18 NovemberGraeme Bourke, Sophism and Philosophy in Pseudo-Plutarch: On the Training of Children
2 DecemberRichard Scully, The Rise of the Anglo-German Ambivalence, 1860-1914
9 DecemberAngell Harris, The Boys of Brauron: Artemis the Kourotrophic Goddess

Semester 1

19 FebruaryGreg Horsley, 'Affecting Language in Greek and Latin Literary texts'
26 FebruaryJennifer Clark, 'The Rough and Tumble: Displaying Complexity in the Motor Museum'
5 MarchPaul Adams, 'The Battle of Broken Hill: Ghans and the Suicide Attack of the Turks on the Picnic Train'
12 MarchGraig Collins, 'The Power of Words and Words of Power: A brief Historical Survey of Language, Law and Libel'
19 MarchJim Belshaw, 'Unrecognised and Now Almost Unknown: Explorations Through the History of the Broader New England'
26 MarchAdeel Khan, 'The Rise and Fall of the Taliban'
7 MayRay Fife, 'Historical Archaeology at a French Colonial Hill Station in Central Vietnam: Bạch Mã 1930-1990'
14 MayDavid Andrew Roberts, 'Dwelling on the Edge of Empire: Religion and Buildings on a Frontier Mission
in Colonial New South Wales'
21 MayLorina Barker, 'Wayilmarrangkalku's Ngarntu: Water Storylines of Country'
28 MayDavid Kent, 'The Age of Equipoise Reconsidered - Containing Disorder in Britain 1850-1870: Troops, Trains and the Telegraph'
4 JuneAdele Nye, Historical Thinking in Higher Education: A Discussion of the Findings of a National Scoping Study' 

Semester 2

30 JulyIain Davidson, 'Australian Archaeology as a Historical Science'
6 AugustJohn Ryan, 'A Passionate Conviction: The 'Matter' of Thunderbolt'
13 AugustAlice Storey, 'Great Places to Take Chicks: How Ancient Chickens have been used to Reconstruct Migration and Interaction in Pacific Prehistory'
20 AugustJulie Marsh, 'Always Reframing the Nation: Indian Film Responses to Terrorism'
27 AugustRobert Laffineur, 'Mycenaean Iconography as Symbolic Expression and Status Indicator'
3 SeptemberThomas Davis, 'An Amateur's Dream: George McFadden and the Excavation of Kourion on Cyprus'
24 SeptemberPeter O'Donohue, 'Chinese Mining Communities Lost in the Past: The Role of Historical Archaeology in Bringing the Itinerant into the Present'
1 OctoberEdith Zeigler, The Objectives, Import and Shortcomings of President Theodore Roosevelt's 1908 Commission for Country Life
8 OctoberDenise Phillips, 'Wounded Memories of Hazara Refugees: Remembering and Forgetting Persecution.'
15 October David Stoneman, 'The Religious and Social Beliefs of Richard Bourke'
22 October Eric Acheson, 'Late Medieval Funerals'
5 NovemberRichard Scully, 'Sex, Art, and the Victorian Cartoonist: the Case of Matt Morgan'
12 NovemberLynda Garland, 'The Empress Zoe and her Court, 1028-1050'
19 NovemberStephanie Lawson,  'Is the Future a Foreign Country?'

Semester 1

27 FebruaryGreg Stanton (Adjunct), 'Early Christian and Contemporary Greek Ideas of Unity and Disunity'
6 MarchGreg Horsley, 'Galen's Therapeutike Methodos: language and styles'
13 MarchAlexander Weiss (University of Leipzig), 'The earliest Christian World Chronicle? A new Leipzig papyrus'
20 MarchOyedele Ogunmola, 'What happens to history when the participants say written history is wrong? The Case of the Civil Wars in Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone'.
27 MarchAndrew Piper, '"Mind-forg'd Manacles": the mechanics of control inside late-nineteenth century Tasmanian charitable institutions'
3 AprilNathan Wise (Adjunct), '"The Chance of a Lifetime": The transition of working class men from civilian to soldier (and back again)'.
15 MayMatthew Dillon, 'Getting a-head with ancient Greek divination: talking dead bodies, steaming entrails, and friendly lizards - but no beans with that please'
22 MayMun-Keat Choong, 'A comparison of the Pali and Chinese versions of the Brahmana Samyutta, a collection of early Buddhist discourses on the priestly Brahmanas'
29 MayJennifer Lawless (HDR), '"It Ain't Necessarily So": Challenging preconceptions about the experiences of the Australian Gallipoli POWs in Turkey'
5 JuneRebecca Fleming (HDR), 'The Forgotten Women of the Forgotten War: Australian nurses in the Korean War'
12 JuneMelanie Oppenheimer (Adjunct), 'Volunteering: the Australian Way'

Semester 2

31 JulyFrank Bongiorno (King's College), 'Russel Ward's The Australian Legend: A Re-reading
7 AugustKathy Moignard (HDR), ''The motif of the journey to obtain life-direction from an oracle in the period of the Second Sophistic'.
14 AugustRandall Albury, (Adjunct), 'Retrospective Diagnosis of Diseases in Historical Figures: Valid Tool or Anachronistic Blunder?'
21 AugustFrances Windolf (HDR), 'Changed meanings? Monuments and memorials on Queensland's Sunshine Coast'
28 AugustTim Byrnes (indep. scholar), 'War, Reform and the Russian Government: an eyewitness account of the conflict in Georgia
4 SeptemberRoss Lamont (Adjunct), 'FitzRoy concealed:  less familiar features of the 'Beagle' voyage, 1831-1836'.
11 SeptemberShawn Rowlands (HDR), 'Iron for Stone: Indigenous artefact collection: science, sport, or trade?'
2 OctoberGraham Maddox, ' The Spell of Parmenides'
16 October Richard Scully, 'Wilhelm in Wonderland - British Cartoons of Wilhelm I and the German Wars of Unification, 1864-1871'
30 October Lynda Garland (HofS), Public Lavatories, Mosquito Nets And Agathias's Cat: The Humorous Epigram In Its Justinianic Context
6 NovemberJanice Burn (HDR), Joan de Beauchamp, Lady Bergavenny (1375-1435):
Women and Power in Late Medieval England

Semester 1

22 February Greg Horsley, 'Cornford Mythistoricus'
29 FebruaryWendy Beck and John Appleton, 'Connecting the dots: building understandings of Indigenous heritage places in eastern Australia'
14 MarchErin Ihde, 'Do Not Panic: Hawkwind and the Cold War (An audio-visual extravaganza!)'
28 MarchAndrew Piper, 'World's Best Practice?: heritage management at the Port Arthur Historic Site, 1987-1996'
2 MayIain Spence, 'The Missing of Fromelles—A Search for Lost Australians from World War I'
9 MayLiz Noble, 'The Great Stonor Lawsuit'
16 MayDavid Kent: Charity in the English countryside 1800-1850; Prudence, Benevolence and Control'
23 MayDavid Andrew Roberts, 'Lt Oxley's "Second Vale of Tempe": Origin Myths and Public History at Wellington NSW'
30 MayJanis Wilton, 'Different sights in New England'

Semester 2

1 August

Dr Alexander Weiss (University of Leipzig), 'Sergius Paullus, Dionysios the Areopagite and Erastus the City Councillor: three early Christian Roman elite'

8 AugustProfessor Francois Lissarrague (formerly Director, Centre Louis Gernet, Paris), 'Figuring the gods in Ancient Greece: the relations of anthropomorphism and aniconism'
15 AugustProfessor Helen Ware, 'Remembering the Nigerian Civil War'
22 AugustDr George Weisz, ''The Medical Response to Nazi Persecution in the Ghettos, a Way of Resistance'
3 OctoberMeg Vivers, 'Evangelism and Female Emigration to the British Colonies: The Spiritual and geographical Wanderings of Lucy Gray'
17 OctoberRandall Albury, 'The Golden Age Returns: Renaissance Appropriation (and Subversion) of Augustan Political Imagery'
24 OctoberGraeme Bourke, 'Sparta and Olympia: Sport, Religion and Politics in the Classical Peloponnese'
31 OctoberDerek Hamilton (HDR) 'Roman poetry and art: the motif of divine punishment'

Semester 1

23 February

David Kent, '"Literate beyond all other nations": Reading and Popular Culture in Eighteenth-Century Scotland'

2 MarchErin Ihde, '"Liberty or Life!": The Convict Pirates of the Wellington'
9 MarchGraeme Bourke (PhD), 'The Seers of Olympia: Destroyers or Preservers?'
16 MarchDenis Wright, 'Redefining Trafficking of Women in South Asia: new interpretations'
23 MarchEdith Ziegler (PhD), 'The Shaping of Alabama's Education System: Localism, Community and Domain as Persistent Influences on the Development of Alabama's Public schools 1865-1915'
4 MayRob Knowles, 'The Trials of Mikhail Bakunin: Past and Present'
11 MayMax Schmitz, 'The Costs and Benefits of Trajan's Dacian Annexation'
18 MayGrant Mansfield (PhD), 'Australian Attitudes to the Outbreak of World War One: Practical Patriotism?'
25 MayElizabeth Noble, "Web of Significance': the Networks of the Late-Medieval Stonor Family
1 JuneDavid Andrew Roberts, "Language to Save the Innocent': Reverend Threlkeld and the Linguistic Mission'
8 JuneFrank Bongiorno & Grant Mansfield (PhD), 'Whose War Was It Anyway? Australian Historians and the Outbreak of the Great War'
15 June

Paul Brown (PhD), 'Par dispensation de Dieu: Divine Sanction in the Norman Histories of Eleventh-Century Italy'

Semester 2

27 JulyPaul Roche, 'The Public Imagery of the Emperor Otho'
3 AugustLynda Garland, 'Till Death Do Us Part? Family Life in the Byzantine Cloister'
10 AugustSelena Williams (MA Hons), 'Returned Nurses as Soldier Settlers after World War I'
17 AugustProfessor Wolf-Dietrich Niemeier (Heidelberg/Director, German Archaeological Institute of Athens), 'New Light on the Greek 'Dark Age': cult continuity in sanctuaries at Miletus and Kalapodi'
24 AugustKris McCabe (MA Hons), 'The Colonial Constabulary'
31 AugustPeter Jones (PhD), "Islamic Education in the Australian School System'
14 SeptemberJohn Owen [Social Science], 'John Bunyan's Economy of Charity'
21 September Henry Reynolds, (Uni of Tasmania) 'Drawing the Global Colour Line'
5 OctoberJan Holcombe (PhD), Management of Risk in the NSW Shipping Industry 1820–1850
12 OctoberClaire Parker [Education], 'Improving the 'Condition' of the People: The Health of Britain and the Provision of Public Baths 1840-1870'
19 OctoberJulie Marsh, (Topic to be confirmed)
26 OctoberPeter Hammond (PhD), Convict labour (Title to be confirmed)
2 OctoberAlan Mugridge (PhD), Reading Writing in Early Christianity
9 NovemberAlan Atkinson The English Enlightenment: A View from Below, 1793 - 1795