Work Integrated Learning Program - WORK300 and WORK500 Units

WORK300/WORK500 Professional Skills Development units enable enrolled students to apply their academic knowledge in a workplace context, to reflect and report on the experience, thus increasing their level of career readiness.

More information about the Work Integrated Learning program, how to enrol in WORK300 or WORK500 and how to organise a placement is available from Career Development in the Student Support Team.


The form of assessment tasks will be determined in consultation with your academic supervisors.

Assessment tasks assigned to students enrolled in WORK300/WORK500 are negotiable to some extent; that is, these tasks can be modelled to suit the experience the student can expect to gain through a particular work placement.  Usually, your supervisor will initially suggest the number and form of the assessment tasks; the final details, including date of submission and weighting, can then be negotiated (although there are limits regarding the  choices available – this is a 6 credit point unit, and so there are minimum requirements in academic terms concerning word length and marking criteria).

We have provided here three (3) examples of such assessment tasks (click on the hyperlink provided); please note the variation between two and three assessment tasks (three assessment tasks is the more typical number), and also note that while these are guiding examples, such tasks are fairly typical of what students can expect in this unit.

Example 1: WORK 300 Placement: ABC Local Radio – New England / Northwest

Example 2: WORK 300 Placement: The Armidale Express

Example 3: New England North West Regional Development Board Food and Wine project