About us

The School of Arts offers study in the subject areas of Asian Languages (Chinese, Indonesian and Japanese), European Languages (French, German, Italian and Spanish), English, Media and Communications, Music, Theatre Studies, and Writing and has a proud history of offering strong professionally oriented and liberal arts education, particularly through distance and online learning. The teaching programs of the School promote disciplinary knowledge and skills, research and analysis, means of developing and evaluating arguments, understanding of language and cultures, and capacities of expression and communication including through the creative and performing arts. 

The School hosts undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Media and Communications, Languages, Music, Theatre Studies and Writing and offers majors in generalist degrees at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. It also offers honours and higher degree research courses and provides the opportunity for students to undertake research in the creative practice mode.

Many of our staff are leaders in their fields of research. We pride ourselves on our supportive research environment for research students at Honours, Masters and Doctoral levels. The School of Arts has links with many local, national and international societies and organisations in the creative and performing arts.