BCSS Staff

Head of School Lewis Bizo  
Chair of ResearchMartin Thoms
Chair of Teaching and LearningSue Watt
Executive Assistant to Head of School Helen Creagan
School Academic ManagerSusan Birchall 
School Manager, Resource and Administration Shonette Bridgeman
Administrative Roles
PositionLink to staff details
Academic Assistant Felicity McKendrick
Academic ManagerSusan Birchall
Research Support Officer Huw Nolan
Resources and Projects Officer Nick Sanders
Resources Assistant Tania Marshall
Director, Institute for Rural FuturesMartin Thoms, PhD
Discipline Convener Criminology Jenny Wise, PhD
Discipline Convener Geography and Planning Stephen Wood, PhD
Discipline Convener Linguistics Cindy Schneider. PhD.
Discipline Convener Psychology Andrew Talk, PhD.
Discipline Convener Sociology Alan Scott, PhD.
Web Coordinator Wendy Phillips, PhD.
HDR Coordinator Elizabeth Kyonka, PhD
Senior Technical Officer Chris Lisle
Senior Technical Officer Cate Macgregor
Technical Officer Matthew Fernance
Educational DesignerSteven Carruthers
Educational Support OfficerCoralie Rendalls
Administrative Assistant Criminology, Linguistics and Sociology

Rachael Brooks

Administrative Assistant Geography and Planning

Stephen Phelps

Administrative Assistant Psychology

Gabrielle Ray

Psychology Clinic Receptionist Pam Roberts
First Year AdvisorJenny Vaughan

Academic index pages for BCSS


Criminology Academics
NameAreas of interestContact Details

Corruption and accountability in postcolonial African societies; Policing youths and ethnic minorities in Australia; Policing and (in)security in post-conflict societies; Procedural justice and police legitimacy; Online fraud and Nigerian romance scam; Stress and stressors in the criminal justice; Crime and psychopathology; Media representations of crime and criminal justiceRoom 115
Arts E11
Phone: 6773 1819
ALLEN, Matthew
History of crime and deviance; history of colonial NSW; history of popular culture; history of Australian politics; history of eighteenth and nineteenth-century Britain Room G62
Arts E11
Phone: 6773 2125
Senior lecturer
Discovering sciences, in the study of mundane expertise, and in the investigation of the professions as arts and sciences of practical action and reasoning Room G19
Arts E11
Phone: 6773 2417

Gender and crime, vulnerable populations, risk and space, identity in social context, domestic violence, human trafficking and qualitative research methodsRoom 109
Arts E11
Phone: 6773 5814

The Sociology of Punishment/Imprisonment, Media and Crime, Drugs in Society and Human Enhancement Drugs.

Room 113
Arts E11
Phone: 6773 1940

Associate Professor

Forensic imaging; images as forensic evidence; crime scene investigation; shoe mark evidence; evidence reliability; forensic expert evidence; policing; and police professionalisation.

Room 114
Arts Ell
Phone: 6773 1853



Alcohol and other drugs; Drugs and crime policy; Critical policy studies; Governmentality and Governance; Non-government organisations; Qualitative research methods

Room 111
Arts E11
Phone: 6773 1768

WISE, Jenny
Senior Lecturer
Role of DNA profiling in changing the criminal justice system, policing and technology, sexual assault reforms, and civil rights issues Room 107
Arts E11
Phone: 6773 4286
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Criminology Adjuncts
Name   Areas of Interest
Mr Steve BRADSHAW is an adjunct to Criminology at UNE and lectures and advises on unit content. Mr Bradshaw recently retired from NSW Police after more than four decades with the Force. He was Assistant Commissioner and Commander of the Western Region and a Corporate Spokesperson for Rural Crime and Aboriginal Issues.
Dr Garner CLANCEYhas a BA in psychology, a Masters in criminology and a PhD that focused on crime prevention. Garner was appointed as a Lecturer at the Sydney Institute of Criminology (University of Sydney) in January 2012. Previously, Garner worked in the criminal justice system (NSW Department of Juvenile Justice and the NSW Police Force) for 10 years and was a crime prevention consultant for the last 10 years. During this time he developed crime prevention plans for local councils; devised a resource manual for public space CCTV; delivered training to security guards, police and others in various Australian jurisdictions and evaluated various crime prevention programs. Garner has taught (and continues to teach) criminology and crime prevention courses for in excess of 11 years at various universities, including the University of Sydney and the University of NSW and the University of New England.
Professor Joe DONNERMEYER is a professor in Rural Sociology at Ohio State University BUT is also an adjunct professor to Criminology at UNE. He assists with research projects and will lecture to staff and students during visits to UNE. His research interests are rural crime and environmental crime. Sociology of the Amish, examining social, cultural and demographic change in Amish society
Dr Claire FERGUSONis a Lecturer, researcher and consultant in forensic criminology. Her areas of interest generally surround offender behaviours during the commission of violent crimes. Her doctoral research examined offender evidence manipulation in homicide cases, specifically focusing on staged crime scenes and how offenders attempt to ‘get away with murder’. This year she has published papers on staged suicide scenes, domestic homicides staged as burglaries, and how to detect evidence manipulation at a crime scene. Dr. Ferguson has been nominated for the 'Excellence in Teaching and Learning' award and the 'UniJobs Lecturer of the Year' award by her students. She maintains an active social media profile, and often provides commentary in print media and radio.  As an early career academic, Claire’s research and supervision interests have been diverse. She has participated in several multidisciplinary research projects covering a range of criminology and forensic psychology issues, including treatment for arsonists, and criminal defenses for battered women who kill their abusers. Recently, Claire has published on the use of arson in homicide cases, false allegations of sexual assault, and other issues surrounding forensic criminology, criminal profiling, and homicide investigation.
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Geography and Planning

Geography and Planning Academics
NameAreas of InterestContact Details
Rural population dynamics; especially rural migration trends and processes; Social and economic change in rural communities; Regional developmentRoom 321, Earth Sciences Building C02
Phone: 6773 2803
Associate Professor
Environmental law and policy; Regulation and governance; Regulatory theory; Environmental change; and in exploring the human-landscape relationshipRoom 330, Earth Sciences Building C02
Phone: 6773 2904
Population/urban geography focusing on international and seasonal intra-urban migration as well as population forecastingRoom 322, Earth Sciences Building C02
Phone: 6773 3124
LARDER, Nicolette Lecturer  Social dynamics of the global agri-food system and the myriad ways people engage with and make sense of the act of food production

Room 319, Earth Sciences
Building C02
Phone: 6773 5783

Links between planning and creative disciplines in the history of citiesRoom 326, Earth Sciences Building C02
Phone: 6773 2921
Land use planning regulatory systems; peri-urban development; local government planning; land use policies and growth in the context of non-urban land.Room 328, Earth Sciences Building C02
Phone: 6773 2821
PARSONS, Melissa
Senior Lecturer/Senior Research Fellow
Many aspects of river science including riparian vegetation ecology, macroinvertebrate ecology, impacts of large floods, rivers as landscapes, river management, pattern and process at multiple scales, geomorphological templates, environmental monitoring, ecosystem services and social-ecological resilience.Room 219, Earth Sciences Building C02
Phone: 6773 3527
Senior Lecturer
Wildlife ecology and management; Conservation biogeography; Sustainable use of natural resourcesRoom 332, Earth Sciences Building C02
Phone: 6773 3435
REID, Michael
Senior Lecturer
Understanding pattern and process in flood plain and river ecosystems across a range of spatial and temporal scales; Palaeoecology; Food web ecology; Flood plain vegetation dynamics and ecohydrologyRoom 208, Earth Sciences Building C02
Phone: 6773 3447
THOMS, Martin
Research interests are in the interdisciplinary study of floodplain river ecosystems. He has an active post graduate research group and there are always opportunities for additional students to join the lab, please contact Martin for information.Room 202, Earth Sciences Building C02
Phone: 6773 2768
WOOD, Stephen
Senior Lecturer, Planning Coordinator and Convenor
Planning theory; Urban design; Urban character; and Theories of place and spaceRoom 324, Earth Sciences Building C02
Phone: 6773 2804

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Geography and Planning Adjunct Staff
NameAreas of InterestContact Details
Walmsley, Jim
Emeritus Professor

Emeritus Professor Jim Walmsley retired as Professor of Geography and Planning in the School of Behavioural, Cognitive and Social Sciences at the University of New England in 2009.  Professor Walmsley's main ongoing research interests are:Leisure, lifestyle and tourism in Australia, and Regional development and social well-being with particular emphasis on migration.


Adjunct Professor of BCSS
Sorensen, Tony
Adjunct Professor
Australian regional economic development processes, both in theory and practice. The theoretical component revolves around melding complexity, information, chaos, tipping point, socionomic, and macro-economic theories, along with quantum mechanicsRoom 325, Earth Science Building C02
Phone: 6773 2880
Rugendyke, Barbara
Adjunct Professor
Research interests include the activities of non-government development assistance organisations and the impacts of their projects and programs, community development planning processes in remote Indigenous Australian communities, the social and environmental impacts of nature-based tourism development in northern Vietnam, the advocacy work of non-governmental development assistance organisations (NGOs) and, most recently, the growing forms of collaboration between NGOs and corporations. 
Baker, Robert
Adjunct Associate Professor
Holocene marine environments; Internet traffic; The geography of retailing and the development of applied mathematical geography; Coastal geomorphologyRoom 317, Earth Science Building C02
Phone: 6773 2884
Frazier, Paul
Adjunct Snr Lecturer
 Key project experience includes: monitoring river health in the Murray-Darling Basin; quantifying the effects of long-wall mine subsidence on surface landscapes; precision agriculture data collection and analysis; and remote sensing of vegetation cover and condition in a range of environments. Room 317, Earth Science Building C02
Burns, Judith
Adjunct Lecturer
Residential mobility among Aboriginal people; governance of community organisations; community and regional social and economic planning; human services planning; and the application of cultural theory (especially postcolonial theory and whiteness theory) to Aboriginal affairs policy and administration. jburns2@une.edu.au
Haworth, Robert
Adjunct Lecturer
Research and consulting interests include: bedrock source streams and their suitability for hydro electric power generation; lake lunette systems in humid upland Australia and their relationship to groundwater systems and regolith formation, and associated peat formation; analysis of sediment from depositional sinks on Tablelands, coast and inland in order to reconstruct past environmental and climatic conditions and determine long term rates of denudation; sea level changes in the last 5000 years; sustainable resource management and integrated catchment management.rhawort3@une.edu.au

 Mark Southwell

Using multidisciplinary approaches to link patterns to underlying driving processes within large floodplain river systems.msouthw2@une.edu.au
MacIntosh, Alison
Adjunct Research Fellow
Higher Degree Research Students

Current Students

Name Areas of interest Contact Details
Sahar Alian
PhD Student
Rural Traffic Accidents and Road Geometry: Driver Speed and Fatigue in Regional NSW salian3@myune.edu.au
(02) 6773 4550
Room 311
C02 Earth Studies Building
Sanaz Alian
PhD Student
Cultural Diversity and Urban Morphology salian@myune.edu.au
(02) 6773 4550
Room 311
C02 Earth Studies Building

Mark Grogan
PhD Student

Planning theory; theories of place and space; urban design; urban vitality.

(02) 6773 4550
Room 311
C02 Earth Studies Building

Shalini Lata
PhD Student
Global environmental change and human societies, coastal geomorphology and sea level rise, climate change risk perception and adaptation; environment planning and management. slata@myune.edu.au
(02) 6773 5016
Room 2.11
S05 Howie Wing, Psychology Building
Adrian Matheson
PhD Student
Riverine landscapes, floodplain wetlands, large wood, fish and hydraulics. amathes3@myune.edu.au
Craig McLoughlin
PhD Student
Sustainable water resources management; Strategic Adaptive Management; Freshwater protection; Riverine ecosystems cmcloug4@myune.edu.au
(02) 6773 2186
Room 313
C02 Earth Studies Building
Bruce Murray
PhD Student
Floodplains, Vegetation Ecology and Biology, Hydrology and Genetics bmurra20@myune.edu.au
(02) 6773 4551
Room 311
C02 Earth Studies Building
Preetika Singh
PhD Student
Environmental Science, Climate Change, Geography and Planning, Marine Ecology, Coral Reef Conservation psingh23@myune.edu.au
(02) 6773 4550
Room 311
C02 Earth Studies Building
Munique Reid
PhD Student
Fluvial Ecosystems, Food Webs and Floodplain Vegetation and Hydrology mwebb8@myune.edu.au
(02) 6773 4551
Room 313
C02 Earth Studies Building
 Past Students  
Rajesh Thapa
PhD Student
Riverine Landscape, Upstream Downstream Linkages, Disaster Management, Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change.  
Murray Scown
PhD Student
Landscape Ecology, Riverine Landscapes, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 
Sarah McGowan
PhD Student
Sea-level rise and Urban Planning, Palaeo sea-level rise, the integration of Science into Urban Planning Decisions 
Nevenka Bulovic
Masters Student
Hydraulics, systems modeling, riverine landscapes  
Rajendra Shilpakar
PhD Student
Water and wetlands, Riverine ecosystems, Environmental flow, Water accounting, Remote Sensing and GIS  

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Institute for Rural Futures

Name Contact Details
Professor Martin Thoms
Phone: +61 2 6773 2768
Email: mthoms2@une.edu.au
Associate Professor Elaine Barclay
Principal Research Fellow
Phone: +61 2 6773 2014
Email: ebarclay@une.edu.au
Dr Phil Morley
Research Fellow
Phone: +61 2 6773 5211
Email: pmorley@une.edu.au
Dr Ian Reeve
Casual Research Fellow
Phone: +61 2 6773 5145
Email: ireeve@une.edu.au
Dr Geoff Smith
Senior Research Fellow
Phone: +61 2 6773 3616
Email: geoff.smith@une.edu.au
Dr Melissa Parsons
Senior Research Fellow
Phone: +61 2 6773 3527
Email: melissa.parsons@une.edu.au
Dr Jacqueline Williams
Senior Research Fellow
Phone: +61 2 6773 3587
Email: jacqueline.williams@une.edu.au
Adjunct Staff

Institute staff partner with a range of academics from other universities and research institutions. The following academics have been accepted as Institute Adjuncts and are available to assist in and partner Institute staff in a range of research pursuits.

Name Contact Details
Professor David Brunckhorst
Emeritus Professor
Email: irf@une.edu.au
Dr David Curtis
Adjunct Research Fellow
Email: irf@une.edu.au
Dr Doug Gray
Adjunct Professor
Email: dougiegray@bigpond.com
Dr Donald Irving
Adjunct Associate Professor 
Email: donald.irving@dpi.nsw.gov.au
Dr Judith McNeill
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Email: jmcneill@une.edu.au
Mr Tim Nelson
Adjunct Research Fellow
Email:  tanelson@agl.com.au
Professor Jonathan Rushton
Adjunct Professor
Email: jrushton@rvc.ac.uk
Mr Richard Stayner
Adjunct Research Fellow
Email: rstayner@une.edu.au
Dr Jamie Trammell
Adjunct Lecturer
Email: ejtrammell@uaa.alaska.edu
Professor Jeremy Williams
Adjunct Professor
Email: jembwilliams@gmail.com

Dr Phil Kowalick
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow

Email: philip.kowalick@bigpond.co
Professor Joe Donnermeyer
Adjunct Professor
Email: donnermeyer.1@gmail.com
Research Associates

Research collaboration has occurred with staff from a variety of disciplines and centres across UNE. The staff listed below, Institute Research Associates, have worked closely with Institute staff in development of research proposals, presentation of seminars, co-writing research publications, and working jointly on research projects.

Institute staff also give regular guest lectures, or work as casual lecturers to support the teaching programs of various UNE schools.

NameContact Details
Professor Tony Sorensen
Geography and Planning
Email: Tony.Sorensen@une.edu.au
Professor Don Hine
Phone: +61 2 6773 2731
Email: dhine@une.edu.au
Associate Professor Navjot Bhullar
Phone: +61 2 6773 3187
Stephen Bradshaw
Former NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Steve Bradshaw
Email: flyingarrow@bigpond.com
NameContact Details
Professor Oscar Cacho
Agricultural and Resource Economics
Phone: +61 2 6773 3215
Email: ocacho@une.edu.au
Professor Euan Fleming
Agricultural and Resource Economics
Phone: +61 2 6773 2775
Email: efleming@une.edu.au
Professor Mahinda Siriwardana
Phone: +61 2 6773 2501
Email: asiriwar@une.edu.au
Associate Professor Rene Villano
Phone: +61 2 6773 2027
Email: rvillan2@une.edu.au
Associate Professor Phil Simmons
Agricultural and Resource Economics
Phone: +61 2 6773 2314
Email: psimmons@une.edu.au
Dr Nam Hoang
Phone: +61 2 6773 2682
Email: nam.hoang@une.edu.au
Dr Jonathan Moss
Agricultural and Resource Economics
Phone: +61 2 6773 3677
Email: jonathan.moss@une.edu.au
Professor Heather Burrow
Professorial Research Fellow- UNE Business
Phone: +61 2 6773 3512
Email: hburrow2@une.edu.au
NameContact Details
Professor Brian Sindel
Agronomy and Soil Science
Phone: +61 2 6773 3747
Email: bsindel@une.edu.au
Professor Steve Walkden-Brown
Animal Science
Phone: +61 2 6773 3922
Email: swalkden@une.edu.au
Professor James Rowe
Chief Executive Officer, Sheep CRC
Phone: +61 2 6773 1316
Email: james.rowe@sheepcrc.org.au
Professor Nick Reid
Ecosystem Management
Phone: +61 2 6773 2759
Email: nrei3@une.edu.au
Associate Professor Lewis Kahn
Animal Science
Phone: +61 2 6773 2997
Email: lkahn3@une.edu.au
Dr Julian Prior
Ecosystem Management
Phone: +61 2 6773 3610
Email: jprior2@une.edu.au
Mr Rex Glencross-Grant
Environmental Engineering
Phone: +61 2 6773 2668
Email: rglencro@une.edu.au

Research Services Directorate

NameContact Details
Dr Philip Thomas
Research Education
Phone: +61 2 6773 3674
Email: Philip.Thomas@une.edu.au
Postgraduate Students
Student Start Project Supervisor
Ms Siobhan Davies2015'An Institutional Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Australia's Murray Darling Basin Plan'Principal supervisor: Associate Professor Graham Marshall
Ms Madeleine Black 2015 'Strategies to Increase Adoption of Biodiversity Conservation Practices on Farmland in the Border Rivers, Gwydir and Lower Namoi Catchments' Co-supervisor: Associate Professor Graham Marshall
Mr Xiaojun Yu2015'The Determinants of Chinese Private Owned Enterprises Obtaining Bank Loans'Co-supervisor: Dr Sam Meng
Mr John Greenway 2015 'Place-shaping - Towards Sustainability and a Green Economy. A Case Study of Two Localities' Co-supervisors: Associate Professor Graham Marshall and Dr Judith McNeill
Mr Yaichiro Akioka 2014 'Energy supply in the aftermath of the Fukushima Nuclear meltdown' Co-supervisors: Dr Sam Meng and Dr Judith McNeill
Mr Tim Nelson 2013 'The emergence of new energy technologies - economic and public policy implications of Australia's changing electricity markets' Principal supervisor: Dr Judith McNeill; Co-supervisor: Dr Sam Meng
Mr Socheat Sieng 2013 'Improving the Cambodian beef industry through stakeholder participation in biosecurity' Co-supervisors: Associate Professor Ian Patrick and Dr Geoff Smith
Mr Chris Harbinger 2013 'Impact of Changes in Construction Industry Activity: a CGE Approach' Co-supervisor: Dr Judith McNeill
Mr Ngo Duy Dong 2013 'Australian energy supply in a low carbon economy: a CGE approach' Co-supervisor: Dr Sam Meng
Ms Tran Minh Tran 2013 'The distributional and welfare effects of the Australian carbon tax' Co-supervisor: Dr Sam Meng
Ms Can Wang Tran 2013 'Trade and Agricultural Domestic Support Policy in China to Solve Rural Poverty: A Dynamic CGE Analysis' Co-supervisor: Dr Sam Meng
Mr Craig McLoughlin 2013 'Towards closing adaptive management cycles associated with freshwater production' Co-supervisor: Associate Professor Graham Marshall
Ms Justine Philip 2013 'Traversing the Barrier Fence; Examining the Dingo-Human Interface in Native and Exotic Environments'Co-supervisor: Dr Ian Reeve
Mr Bright Asante 2012  Co-supervisor: Associate Professor Ian Patrick


Linguistics Academics
NameResearch interestsContact Details
Inés Antón-Méndez
  • Psycholinguistics
  • language production
  • second language acquisition
  • syntactic theory
Room 136,
Arts E11
Phone: 6773 3765
Associate Professor
  • plurilingual teacher cognition
  • critical approaches to TESOL
  • family language maintenance
  • language in tourism
  • plurilingual identities
Room 159,
Arts E11
Phone: 6773 3639
Joshua NASH
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  • Ethnography
  • the anthropology of religion
  • architecture
  • pilgrimage studies
  • language documentation
Room 152, Arts E11
Phone: 6773 2519
Associate Professor
MAAL Coordinator
  • Language policy and politics
  • multilingualism and multilingual citizenship
  • language and identity formation
Room 144,
Arts E11
Phone: 6773 2133
Senior Lecturer
  • Descriptive and documentary linguistics
  • evolutionary and anthropological linguistics
  • functional typology
  • languages of Greater Mainland Southeast Asia
Room 149,
Arts E11
Phone: 6773 2042
Associate Professor
  • Language description
  • Aboriginal linguistics
  • morphological and syntactic typology
  • sign languages
  • comparative linguistics
Room 160,
Arts E11
Phone: 6773 3400
Senior Lecturer
  • Language description and documentation
  • Language practices
  • Language planning
  • Mutual intelligibility studies
  • Language and the Law
Room 176,
Arts E11
Phone: 6773 2483
Jeff Siegel
Emeritus Professor
  • Language contact, especially in pidgin and creole languages and varieties of Hindi in the Asia-Pacific region
  • language documentation in Papua New Guinea
Room 175,
Arts E11
Phone: 6773 3203

Phone Numbers

Outside Australia: use 61 as country code, 2 as area code, thus, dial 61 2 xxxx xxxx, where xxxx xxxx = phone number in listing above.

Within Australia: use 02 as area code, thus, dial 02 xxxx xxxx, where xxxx xxxx = phone number in listing above.

Linguistics Adjuncts
Diana Eades
Adjunct Professor
Sociolinguistic studies of language and the law; Aboriginal English and other stigmatised language varieties; Language analysis in asylum seeker cases; Intercultural communication diana.eades@une.edu.au
Phone: 6773 3639
Anna Gladkova
Adjunct Lecturer
Semantics, cross-cultural communication, and bilingualismanna.gladkova@une.edu.au
Cliff Goddard
Adjunct Professor
Lexical and grammatical semantics, language description and typology, and cross-cultural pragmaticsc.goddard@griffith.edu.au
Charlotte Gooskens
Associate Professor

Mutual intelligibility between closely related languages

Yankee Modi, Adjunct lecturer

Language documentation, description and preservation; cultural anthropology; Tibeto-Burman languages; sociolinguistics of language contact and language change; multilingualism.

Room 105,
Arts E11
Phone: 6773 3220

Margaret Sharpe Adjunct Senior LecturerLanguage description and typology; Indigenous Australian languagesmsharpe3@une.edu.au

Phone Numbers

Outside Australia: use 61 as country code, 2 as area code, thus, dial 61 2 xxxx xxxx, where xxxx xxxx = phone number in listing above.

Within Australia: use 02 as area code, thus, dial 02 xxxx xxxx, where xxxx xxxx = phone number in listing above.


Psychology Academics
Areas of Interest
Deborah Apthorp, PhD
EEG, Parkinson's Disease, Visual PerceptionRoom G13, S7,
Phone 6773 4316
Warren Bartik, PhD
Psychology Clinic Director 
Youth suicide and suicide bereavement, clinical psychology, rural and remote psychology, psychology in the workplaceRoom G01, S7,
Phone 6773 3743
Navjot Bhullar, PhD
Associate Professor
Environmental psychology, mental health and well-being, applied social psychology Room G02, S7,
Phone 6773 3187
Brian Byrne, PhD
Emeritus Professor
Psychology of language Top floor S7, 
Phone 6773 2370
Gavin Clark, DPsych (Clin).
Senior Lecturer and Director, Clinical Psychology Program
Clinical psychology Room 25, S6, 
Phone: 6773 4553
Bernadine (Bernie) Cocks, PhD

Cognitive neuroscience, language

Room G12, S7, 
email bcocks3@une.edu.au
Suzie Cosh, PhD
Mental health and sports psychology, Child and adolescent mental healthRoom 44, S6, 
Phone 6773 2073
Belinda Craig, PhD
Emotion and person perceptionRoom G10, S7, 
Phone 6773 4010
William Coventry, PhD
Senior Lecturer
Behaviour genetics Room 1.10 S7, 
Phone 6773 2846
Andrea del Pozo de Bolger,
Clinical Placement Coordinator
Clinical psychologyTablelands Clinical School
Phone 6773 5784
Debra Dunstan, PhD
Deputy Head of School,
Associate Professor
Rehabilitation psychology, work disability, chronic pain, rural practice, program evaluation Room 25, S6, 
Phone 6773 3764
Don Hine, PhD
Cognitive, applied social and environmental psychology, decision making Room 1.15 S7, 
Phone 6773 2731
Graham Jamieson, PhD
Senior Lecturer
Cognitive-neuroscience of executive control, hypnosis and conscious states Room 42, S6, 
Phone 6773 4279
Elizabeth Kyonka, PhD
Animal learning and the experimental analysis of behaviourRoom 1.04, S7
Phone 6773 5624
Natasha Loi, PhD
Lifespan development psychology, organisational psychology Room 46, S6, 
Phone 6773 3903
Amy Lykins, PhD
Associate Professor
Human sexuality, sexual health Room 44, S6, 
Phone 6773 5014
Dominic McNeil, PhD
Sport psychology Room 41, S6, 
Phone 6773 2410
John Malouff, PhD
Associate Professor
Evaluating efficacy of treatment methods Room G4, S7, 
Phone 6773 3776
Clara Murray, PhD
 Room G9, S7, 
Phone 6773 1793
William (Bill) Noble, PhD
Emeritus Professor 
Auditory localization, hearing impairment, behavioural evolution Top floor, S7, 
Phone 6773 2528
Wendy Phillips, PhD
Senior Lecturer
Cognitive models of behaviour, well-being, emotional regulation Room 48, S6, 
Phone 6773 3531
Ian Price, PhD
Senior Lecturer
Addictive behaviour, personality, psychological assessment Room 50, S6, 
Phone 6773 2653
Kylie Rice, PhD
 Room 47, S6, 
Phone 6773 4259
Adam Rock, PhD
Senior Lecturer
Altered states of consciousness. Room 40, S6, 
Phone 6773 3027
Nicola Schutte, PhD
Associate Professor
Positive psychology, emotional intelligence, self-efficacy, reading motivation Room 49, S6, 
Phone 6773 3779
Bruce Stevenson, PhD
Senior Lecturer
Cognitive psychology, language Room 28, S6, 
Phone 6773 2565
Andrew Talk , PhD
Lecturer and Discipline Convenor
Neurobiology of learning, memory Room 56, S6, 
Phone 6773 3725
Liz Temple, PhD
Senior Lecturer
 Room G03, S7
Phone 6773 1760
Sue Watt, PhD
Senior Lecturer
Social psychology, prejudice, attitudes, stereotyping, migrant adjustment, internet behaviour Room 53, S6, 
Phone 6773 2153
Einar Thorsteinsson, PhD
Associate Professor
Health psychology, social support, adolescent coping, depression, anxiety, well-being, cardiovascular reactivity Room 41, S6, 
Phone 6773 2587
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View using Google maps; S6 = Psychology main building; S7 = North Wing
TBA = To be announced; NA = Not applicable
Phone Numbers

Outside Australia: use 61 as country code, 2 as area code, thus, dial 61 2 xxxx xxxx, where xxxx xxxx = phone number in listing above.

Within Australia: use 02 as area code, thus, dial 02 xxxx xxxx, where xxxx xxxx = phone number in listing above.

Psychology Fellows, Associates and Adjuncts
NameAreas of InterestContact Details
Brian Byrne
Emeritus Professor
Psychology of Language
International Twin Study
Room 1.10, S7,map
Phone: 6773 2370
Matthew Anderson
Adjunct Supervisor
Clinical Supervisor 
Eric Belling
Adjunct Supervisor
Clinical Supervisor 
Stephen Briggs
Adjunct Supervisor
Clinical Supervisor 
Tamar Doff
Adjunct Supervisor
Clinical Supervisor 
Natalie Green, DPSYCH
Adjunct Supervisor
Clinical Supervisor 
Yvette Greenhalgh
Adjunct Supervisor
Clinical Supervisor  
Tanya Hanstock A/Prof
Adjunct Lecturer
Clinical Supervisor 
Callie Little, PhD
Research Fellow
International Twin StudyTop Floor, S7
Phone  6773 1703
John McMahon
Adjunct Supervisor
Clinical Supervisor 

Frankie Merritt
Adjunct Associate Professor

Decolonisation, curriculum development and Aboriginal grief and lossfrankie.merritt@nd.edu.au
Daiva Newby, Ph.D.
Adjunct Supervisor
Clinical Supervisor 
Peter Quain

Experimental Psychology, Psychophysiology, & Cognitive Science.

Email: pquain@une.edu.au
Julian Rote
Adjunct Supervisor
Clinical Supervisor 
Peter Scollay
Adjunct Supervisor
Clinical Supervisor 
Harvey Irwin, Ph.D. Adjunct Associate ProfessorParapsychology Email: hirwin2@une.edu.au
Sarah Medland, Adjunct Associate Professor  
Bill Noble
Emeritus Professor
Tinnitus, Auditory Localization; Hearing Impairment; Behavioural Evolution S7, map
Phone: 6773 2528
Vivian Waddell
Adjunct Research Fellow
Rhonda Brown
Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Health, Clinical And Counselling Psychology

Psychiatry (Incl. Psychotherapy)

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Sociology Academics
NameAreas of InterestContact Details
Senior Lecturer
Health sociology, development and environment Room 145,
Arts E11
Phone: 6773 2992


Senior Lecturer

Sociology of media and popular culture, sociological of fashion, death studies, political sociology and regulatory social policy.

Room 143,
Arts E11
Phone: 6773 1761
Sex, sexuality and intimacy, theories of 'the body' and embodiment, and men, masculinity and healthRoom 146
Arts E11
Phone: 6773 5147




Arts E11
Phone: 6773 1747

Professor, Convenor of Sociology

Social theory, organisational and political sociology, European studies

Room 135
Arts E11
Phone: 6773 1771

Associate Professor
Public/social policy, international development, comparative public management, democratisation and civil society Room 169,
Arts E11
Phone: 6773 2250

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Sociology Adjuncts
NameAreas of Interest
Professor Michael BITTMAN
Time use; Family; Non-market work; Care; Gender
Professor Martin EVISON Human genetic and phenotypic variation in the context of the justice system, and the role of forensic science in upholding human rights and the rule of law
Associate Professor Gail HAWKESSexuality: the history of Western sexuality, childhood sexuality, transexuality and homophobia
Dr Anthony LYONS,
Senior Research Fellow
Health & wellbeing of marginalised populations, with major focus on mental health; sexual health, especially among gay men
Sociology Postgraduates

Savana (Sabine) Agustine 

Title of Thesis: ‘Palliative Care: Exploring cultural perceptions of Punjabi Indians (Hindus and Sikhs) and availability of culturally appropriate services in Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF) of rural NSW’

Brief Description: This study is particularly concerned with the provision of culturally appropriate end-of-life care services in the Residential Aged Care sector. It aims to target Punjabi Indian population and professional care staff (nurses and personal care assistants) providing direct and indirect end-of-life care to residents in residential aged care facilities of rural NSW.
The study aims to examine the availability, barriers and potential strategies to address the gaps in palliative care services for Punjabi Indian population in rural NSW. It also aims to propose strategies to strengthen palliative care delivery models in rural areas of Australia. It aims to draw out information on service providers’ experiences and awareness in providing end-of-life care services to people from Punjabi Indian background by providing insights from a care provider and consumer perspective.

Sura A. Alani

Title of Thesis: ‘Corruption and Terrorism in Iraq Post 2003: Stylistic study of Images and metaphors in selected mass media texts’

Brief Description: The study investigates social critical matter like terrorism and corruption in Iraq at the time post 2003 war; these issues are investigated through mass media texts, specifically non-commercial advertisements. There are three empirical chapters unfolding the role of women in these types of advertisements, depiction of childhood and how change occurred on symbolism. The study analyses each of these factors by its own then bring them together in order to read the whole picture clearly. The main methodology used in this study is the critical discourse analysis (CDA) to analyse the language used in these non-commercial advertisement and how the language is affected by political ideologies; for images, the semiotic analysis is employed to look at new social and political implications which did not existed before 2003. The study intends to set non-commercial advertising as an example for studying social and political issues in a certain society.

Claire Baker

Title of Thesis: ‘Experiencing Change in a Globalising Agricultural Economy: A Case Study’

Brief Description: Using the case study of Goolhi, a rural area in North West NSW, the research aims to explore the social effects of broader economic and policy changes during the period 1945-2015 through an in-depth study of historical data and farmer narratives to track the trajectory of social life in the area. Characterised by soldier settlement post-WWII, the economics of the area have been transformed during this period and, as such, provide a valuable example of a changed social and agricultural landscape in a period characterised by progressively more intense globalising imperatives. The thesis will explore how the change and restructure brought about by increasingly neoliberal national and global agricultural trends are experienced and expressed at a local level, and how this has impacted farmers’ social connectedness, sense of identity and connection to place – the human dimension of change.

Carel Eulena Hodge

Title of Thesis: ‘Who are the disadvantaged? A case for social inclusion in the education system of small Caribbean islands’

Brief Description: This research seeks to analyse and compare the education strategies and policies within individual islands of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). In particular, the research aims to examine the education policies and practices encompassing inclusion, explore the notion of disadvantage and how it is treated in OECS schools, as well as to explore the views of both policy actors and beneficiaries on the inclusiveness of current education policies, strategies and practices. The policies and strategies that address inclusion and disadvantaged groups will be examined to fully understand their significance the development of the individual and society as well as to find ways to facilitate a fully inclusive education system in the OECS as the organisation moves towards further harmonisation.

Anadi Muhammad Irawan

Title of Thesis:  ‘Analysing Discourses on Religious Minority Groups in Indonesia during the Reformation Government Eras (1999 – 2012)’

Brief Description: This present study is a Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA), focusing on examining discourse constructions and linguistic strategies employed in written and spoken texts. The study is a response to a heating controversy in Indonesia pertaining to discrimination against minority religious groups, i.e. Ahmadiyya groups. Some parties, e.g. NGOs, argue that Indonesian government and its Council of Clerics have conducted discrimination by issuing joint and religious decrees. In the decrees, the Ahmadiyya groups are considered to be deviant sects. On the contrary, the government state that the decrees are to find the best solution to deal with social conflict and blasphemous actions created by the Ahmadiyya groups. This CDA study also examines how the Ahmadiyya groups argue against all discourses that may have undermined them, and how interest groups, which have considerable concerns on Ahmadiyya, create their discourses when dealing with the issue.

Adedamola Eyitayo Olagbegi

Title of Thesis:  ‘Migration of skilled African Professional to Australia and the African Diaspora’

Brief Description: International migration and development are inextricably linked. Migration has a strong impact on the living standard of vast number of people and on the financial stability of developing countries. The transfer of skills and connections that migrants can offer to their countries of origin are drivers of development. This research will attempt to examine skilled labour mobility to Australia, as the destination country. Nigeria in West Africa and Zimbabwe in Southern Africa are examined as originating countries of skilled migrants. It aims to provide ideas to policy makers on the role of the diasporas in the development of Nigeria and Zimbabwe. This work will further suggest ideas that can potentially help origin countries to better harness the benefits of their diasporas.

Alison Rahn

Title of Thesis: ‘Baby Boomer Sexuality: Exploring the Wants, Needs and Available Options in Australian Aged Care Settings’

Brief Description: We know that many older people remain sexually and physically intimate into their 70s, 80s and beyond, including those in aged care. I’m interested in the next wave of aged care residents, the Baby Boomers. My research explores the extent to which sexual ageism affects aged care residents, how Baby Boomers view their sexuality, how important (or not) intimacy and sexual expression are as they age, and what conditions they might need to meet their needs. Because approximately a quarter of Australia’s population are Baby Boomers, it is unlikely that existing aged care facilities will be sufficient to cater for the numbers expected to require care. In a new era of consumer-directed aged care, this study seeks to take advantage of this unique historical opportunity by comparing Baby Boomers’ needs with current care models and identifying how those needs might inform the future delivery of residential aged care in Australia.