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If you are a prospective Honours, MA or PhD student looking for a supervisor, you can find out about the research interest of faculty on their personal websites:

Dr Cary Bennett

Dr Jo Coghlan

Dr Duane Duncan

Dr Genine Hook

Prof. Alan Scott and at here.

The Discipline is able to offer Honours, MA and PhD supervision in the following areas:

For prospective PhD student’s we may also be able to draw on the expertise of our adjunct faculty members:

Emeritus Professor Michael Bittman

Associate Professor Gail Hawkes

Associate Professor Habib Zafarullah

Recent and current research projects

Dr Cary Bennett: Drug policy and the governance of addiction

  • Bennett, C. (2014) 'School-based Drug Education: the shaping of subjectivities', History of Education Review, 43 (1): 95-115.

Dr Duane Duncan: Muscling up: sexualisation, body modification and Australian men (ARCDiscovery Grant with Gary Dowsett and Steven Angelides)

  • Duncan, D., Prestage, G., & Grierson, J. (2015) 'I'd much rather have sexual intimacy as opposed to sex': young Australian gay men, sex relationships and monogamy, Sexualities 18(7): 798-816.

Dr Jo Coghlan: Media, political symbolism and popular culture

  • Coghlan, J. (2016) ‘Conceptualising (re)worked narratives of the American family: from the American dream to American decay in ‘new’ television’. The Australasian Journal of Popular Culture, 5(1): 33-48.

Dr Genine Hook: Sole parenting among higher education students

  • Hook, G., (2016), Sole parent students and Higher Education: Gender, Policy and Widening Participation. Palgrave Macmillan: London. Details here.

Prof. Alan Scott: Recent transformations in organisational and state governance:

  • Palumbo, A. and Scott, A. (2018) Remaking Market Society. London: Routledge. Details here.

Seminar Series

The UNE Sociology discipline holds regular research seminars open to the public. Presenters include members of our own academic staff as well as guest speakers from other institutions. Abstracts and recordings of past seminars are available.


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