Sociology Careers

A major in Sociology will prepare you for a broad range of careers –

  • in the public or NGO sectors
  • media, journalism and marketing
  • administration
  • community services and development
  • health and social policy
  • youth work
  • or for further academic or vocational study

In addition to enhancing your knowledge of social and cultural concepts, graduates will also develop important skills in research, critical analysis, debate and communication. For example, the ability to collect and interpret data, as well as comparing and assessing competing concepts or theories. 

According to The Australian Sociological Association (TASA), 

"Graduates can also develop more specialised skills and knowledge such as those that are needed for the following types of employment:

  • Work needing understanding social groups and social processes: such as working with minority and ethnic groups; investigating social issues leading to crime or substance abuse; studying the impact of media and communications; understanding matters such as poverty and the ways it affects young people and families
  • Social research: devising surveys, collecting data, and conducting interviews and fieldwork; including the analysis, interpretation and presentation of the information collected
  • Social policy and planning: community development, cultural resource management, social justice issues, social aspects of health care, multicultural matters."

See the TASA website for more information.