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Criminology offers a wide variety of research opportunities for students.

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Criminology Academics
NameAreas of interestContact Details

Corruption and accountability in postcolonial African societies; Policing youths and ethnic minorities in Australia; Policing and (in)security in post-conflict societies; Procedural justice and police legitimacy; Online fraud and Nigerian romance scam; Stress and stressors in the criminal justice; Crime and psychopathology; Media representations of crime and criminal justiceRoom 115
Arts E11
Phone: 6773 1819
ALLEN, Matthew
History of crime and deviance; history of colonial NSW; history of popular culture; history of Australian politics; history of eighteenth and nineteenth-century Britain Room G62
Arts E11
Phone: 6773 2125
Senior lecturer
Discovering sciences, in the study of mundane expertise, and in the investigation of the professions as arts and sciences of practical action and reasoning Room G19
Arts E11
Phone: 6773 2417

Gender and crime, vulnerable populations, risk and space, identity in social context, domestic violence, human trafficking and qualitative research methodsRoom 109
Arts E11
Phone: 6773 5814

The Sociology of Punishment/Imprisonment, Media and Crime, Drugs in Society and Human Enhancement Drugs.

Room 113
Arts E11
Phone: 6773 1940

Associate Professor

Forensic imaging; images as forensic evidence; crime scene investigation; shoe mark evidence; evidence reliability; forensic expert evidence; policing; and police professionalisation.

Room 114
Arts Ell
Phone: 6773 1853



Alcohol and other drugs; Drugs and crime policy; Critical policy studies; Governmentality and Governance; Non-government organisations; Qualitative research methods

Room 111
Arts E11
Phone: 6773 1768

WISE, Jenny
Senior Lecturer
Role of DNA profiling in changing the criminal justice system, policing and technology, sexual assault reforms, and civil rights issues Room 107
Arts E11
Phone: 6773 4286
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Criminology Adjuncts
Name   Areas of Interest
Mr Steve BRADSHAW is an adjunct to Criminology at UNE and lectures and advises on unit content. Mr Bradshaw recently retired from NSW Police after more than four decades with the Force. He was Assistant Commissioner and Commander of the Western Region and a Corporate Spokesperson for Rural Crime and Aboriginal Issues.
Dr Garner CLANCEYhas a BA in psychology, a Masters in criminology and a PhD that focused on crime prevention. Garner was appointed as a Lecturer at the Sydney Institute of Criminology (University of Sydney) in January 2012. Previously, Garner worked in the criminal justice system (NSW Department of Juvenile Justice and the NSW Police Force) for 10 years and was a crime prevention consultant for the last 10 years. During this time he developed crime prevention plans for local councils; devised a resource manual for public space CCTV; delivered training to security guards, police and others in various Australian jurisdictions and evaluated various crime prevention programs. Garner has taught (and continues to teach) criminology and crime prevention courses for in excess of 11 years at various universities, including the University of Sydney and the University of NSW and the University of New England.
Professor Joe DONNERMEYER is a professor in Rural Sociology at Ohio State University BUT is also an adjunct professor to Criminology at UNE. He assists with research projects and will lecture to staff and students during visits to UNE. His research interests are rural crime and environmental crime. Sociology of the Amish, examining social, cultural and demographic change in Amish society
Dr Claire FERGUSONis a Lecturer, researcher and consultant in forensic criminology. Her areas of interest generally surround offender behaviours during the commission of violent crimes. Her doctoral research examined offender evidence manipulation in homicide cases, specifically focusing on staged crime scenes and how offenders attempt to ‘get away with murder’. This year she has published papers on staged suicide scenes, domestic homicides staged as burglaries, and how to detect evidence manipulation at a crime scene. Dr. Ferguson has been nominated for the 'Excellence in Teaching and Learning' award and the 'UniJobs Lecturer of the Year' award by her students. She maintains an active social media profile, and often provides commentary in print media and radio.  As an early career academic, Claire’s research and supervision interests have been diverse. She has participated in several multidisciplinary research projects covering a range of criminology and forensic psychology issues, including treatment for arsonists, and criminal defenses for battered women who kill their abusers. Recently, Claire has published on the use of arson in homicide cases, false allegations of sexual assault, and other issues surrounding forensic criminology, criminal profiling, and homicide investigation.
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