Draft UNE External Engagement Plan 2016-2020

This is the first time the University has taken both a strategic and comprehensive approach to how UNE targets, undertakes and maximises the benefits from effective engagement with a range of key external stakeholder groups. By becoming a more ‘engaged' organisation we have the opportunity to enhance our student outcomes, increase our research connectivity and impact, and ultimately strengthen our University during these unprecedented times of change and global competition.

It is recognised that the vast majority of UNE external engagement activity is undertaken at the individual, small group or discipline level, so I would be interested in your views about the plan and, in particular, any recommendations you believe would assist to improve the Plan further. Submissions can be made until 5.00pm Monday October 10 – please email your submission to: pvcer@une.edu.au

From the input received a further draft will be developed and presented to the UNE Senior Executive Committee in later October.

Draft UNE External Engagement Plan 2016-2020 (PDF, 5566.64 KB)