Academic Quality and Analytics


Academic Planning and Student Analytics is part of the portfolio of the Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, and provides data and analysis to inform and support effective academic decision-making and quality assurance processes throughout the University.
  • provide information and reporting in support of academic quality processes, including School reviews, course reviews, and course and unit monitoring
  • provide analysis and reporting to the University’s academic governance and management bodies
  • conduct reviews relating to academic and student quality issues and provide recommendations and advice to academic management functions
  • monitor the external environment to identify issues affecting academic quality and innovation and make recommendations on how the University should respond
  • manage and coordinate  UNE’s registration under the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) Act, and are the primary liaison for TEQSA
  • ensure regular monitoring of course accreditation
  • manage compliance obligations with the Higher Education Standards Framework (HESF)
  • develop and monitor the University’s strategic course profile in collaboration with the Planning & Analytics function
  • support the senior executive in conceptualising, planning and delivering initiatives in relation to academic delivery
  • support Schools and Directorates with the development of proposals for strategic initiatives
  • conduct and/or coordinate student surveys for internal and external parties
  • facilitate the allocation of Field of Education codes
  • support the back-end selection process for UNE’s Early Entry Scheme
  • provide data on preferences and offers initiated via TAC admission
  • are responsible for statutory student & staff reporting-planning and performance monitoring
  • support for strategic decision-making
  • statutory reporting, funding proposals and acquittals
  • submissions to government
  • environmental scanning and information-sharing
  • monitoring of quality reviews and improvement processes
  • policy development and review (academic policies relating to the DVC portfolio)
  • survey management
  • management of Higher Education Participation Program (HEPP)

Weekly Updates
Course and Unit Dashboards
Research Performance Data
Unit & Teaching Evaluations

Surveys and Evaluations

responsible for collating  data required for Unit, Course and Teaching Evaluations for provision to Schools, Senior Executive, Directorates  and entities within the University.

The Australian Graduate Survey (AGS)  
The Beyond Graduation Survey (BGS)
University Experience Survey (UES)

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