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Steering Group Framework for the Implementation of the Talloires Declaration at the University of New England


To build capacity and commitment at UNE in order to enhance environmental literacy and to achieve greater environmental sustainability, by implementing the Talloires Declaration.

  • Ensure a high level of Awareness of Environmental Sustainability;
  • Achieve a Culture of Sustainability at UNE and, by example, Environmentally Responsible Citizenship throughout the community;
  • Ensure the best management of natural resources and re-establish biodiversity on UNE property and in the New England region;
  • Achieve the integration of the concept and ethos of Environmental Sustainability throughout the curriculum across UNE, and extend Environmental Education to schools and the community;
  • Ensure effective communication to UNE and outside community on our progress in moving towards Environmental Sustainability at UNE.

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In 1987, The World Commission on Environment and Development chaired by the Prime Minter of Norway, Mrs Groharlem Bruntland, published a report 'Our Common Future'. The report is more commonly referred to as the 'Bruntland Report' and was responsible for establishing a definition for the concept of Sustainability (or "sustainable development')

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"… development which meets the needs of the present without compromising future generations to meet their own needs."

To directly meet this definition and develop sustainable outcomes, the University became a signatory to the Talloires Declaration in 2005. The declaration provides for a 10-point action plan which promotes sustainability in the tertiary education sector. Subsequently, the UNE Talloires Declaration Implementation Committee was convened to ensure implementation of these actions. In addition to the committee, the multi-disciplinary Talloires Research and Education Team was assembled and has delivered numerous academic, operational and community programs and projects.

Further information on Sustainability in Australia:

Office of Environment and Heritage, What is Sustainability?


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