Our strengths

The UNE Business School has a dynamic and active research culture with a strong and growing record of scholarly publications, research grants and postgraduate completions. As well as the distinguished research strengths within the School, projects are undertaken in collaboration with prominent industry players and leading researchers both nationally and internationally. The primary research strengths are in:

Economics: Agricultural and Resource Economics; Development and Environmental Economics; Applied Microeconomics; Public Economics; Applied Financial Economics, Economic History and Political Economy.

Business Development and Sustainability: Accounting; Accounting and Reporting; Accountability and Auditing; Business Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility; Information Systems; Leadership and Workplace Culture; Services and Sales Marketing; and Small Business Management and Innovation.

Governance: Centre for Local Government; Corporate Governance and Stakeholder Engagement; Gender and Regional Governance.

Topical Issues: Climate Change; Energy Economics; Teaching and Learning Scholarship; Wine Industry Working Group.

Within this framework, a primary objective is to align UNEBS research publications to one of the following Field of Research codes:

1402   Applied Economics

1502   Banking, Finance and Investment

1503   Business and Management1605   Policy and Administration

Research outcomes (Publications)

The School has an impressive track record when it comes to the dissemination of research outcomes. In line with UNE's long academic tradition our staff publish in national and international refereed journals. In addition, many of the fruits of our research feature as books, book chapters, and commissioned reports. Find out more by linking to our academics' staff web pages.

In addition, from the UNE campus-wide e-publication repository, you can search and browse for publications by Author, School, Subject, Journal, and/or Publisher.

National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) Research Grant Publication

The final report to National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, stemming from the NCCARF research grant in 2012, has been officially published and released. Professor Ray Cooksey from the UNE Business School co-authored the report which is entitled Enhancing climate change communication: Strategies for profiling and targeting Australian interpretive communities. You can access the report on the NCCARF website.

Research Centres

Centres and research groups provide an efficient framework for assembling or managing project teams. As well as those housed within the Faculty, our researchers work through the many cooperative research centres and other research centres to which UNE is a party.

Centre for Agribusiness

The Centre for Agribusiness offers bold, creative and sustainable solutions to big questions of food industry performance, global food security and best management practice. It is a platform from which we are able to reimagine data to facilitate innovation in the sector.

Centre for Local Government

The Centre for Local Government provides an umbrella for support, service, education and leadership to all sectors of local government in Australia through education, professional development, consultancy and research.

UNE Business School Wine Industry Working Group

The UNE Wine Industry Working Group sharpens the UNE Business School's position in producing high quality applied research pertaining to various aspects of the wine industry.