Science comes to life

Science Comes to Life

Information for school teachers

Science Comes to Life (SCL) is an interactive program of activities that uses real-life scenarios to identify the ways in which scientific principles contribute to human physiology. All the activities use the NSW syllabus for Chemistry, Biology and PDHPE as a reference. We're inviting High Schools to participate in the program.

The program utilises UNE’s expertise in pure and applied sciences, including Chemistry, Human Biology, Physiology, Biomedical Science, Exercise and Sports Science and Pharmacy.

Not only does SCL give your students an opportunity to put scientific theory into practice, it offers an insight into the health services industry at a time when students are starting to seriously consider their future career paths.

Engaging Year 11 and 12 students

SCL has been developed with the aim of engaging Year 11 and 12 students in a range of experiments that illustrate the practical application of many scientific principles students learn in the school lab. The activities are conducted by UNE staff, each with industry experience in the applied sciences.

We understand that class time is valuable, so the activities in SCL have been designed to run for 45 minutes, closely matching a regular school period.

Program activities

Held at your school or at UNE

Each activity (Biology, Chemistry, or PDHPE) has been designed to either stand alone, or form part of a series of fun and interactive experiments. The activities can be delivered at your school, or if you prefer, in our labs at UNE. Either way, the program gives your students a unique opportunity to use equipment they wouldn’t normally have access to while applying their knowledge in realistic contexts to help meet syllabus objectives.

All of the materials and equipment needed for your students to participate are supplied by UNE.

Where to now?

  1. Select the subject area that you are interested in, and browse the prospectus and student activity sheets.


    Senior Science   
  2. Complete the online activity booking form with your contact details and your choice of activities. After sending your form, we’ll contact you to confirm your booking.