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Volume 19 – 2017 Colonial Newcastle: Essays on a Nineteenth Century Port and Hinterland

Nancy Cushing and
Julie McIntyre

Entangled Region: Newcastle and the Hunter Valley 1
Tamsin O'ConnorCharting New Waters with Old Patterns: Smugglers and Pirates at the Penal Station and Port of Newcastle 1804–1823 17
Mark DunnIn the 'Contact Zone': Aboriginal Workers in Colonial Newcastle and its Hinterland43
David Andrew RobertsMasters, Magistrates and the Management of Complaint: The 1833 Convict Revolt at Castle Forbes and the Failure of Local Governance 57
Helen EnglishSinging and Identity Formation in the Newcastle Region, 1860–1880: Choirs, Cultivation and Connectedness95
Justine AtkinsonWomen's Networks among Seafarers in Newcastle 119
Ann Hardy and Nancy CushingA Sensory History of the Newcastle Asylum for Imbeciles and Idiots, 1871–1900 139
Julie McIntyre and Jude ConwayIntimate, Imperial, Intergenerational: Settler Women's Mobilities and Gender Politics in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley 161
Volume 18 - 2016
Jeff BrownriggThe Legend of Frank the Poet: Convict Heritage Recovered or Created? 1
Ian SimpsonThe Imprint of India at Elizabeth Farm, Parramatta 23
Cameron NunnAn Analysis of Early Juvenile Prison Architecture in New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land39
Louis MarshallA Benign Institution?: Convict Health, Living Conditions, and Labour Management at Port Arthur Penal Station, 1868-1870 65
Karin SpeedyConstructing Subaltern Silence in the Colonial Archive: An Australian Case Study95
Malcolm Campbell & Robert TierneyThe Missing Catholics: Religion and Population Decline in the Lachlan District, 1870-1890 115
Mark Hearn'The spirit of inquiry and unrest is everywhere': John Dwyer's fin de siècle narrative of transformation 139
Kirsten OrrEloquent in Speech:  Joseph Hector McNeil Carruthers, NSW Minister of Public Instruction (1889–1891) 161
Zachary GormanA Contested Contest: George Reid's Election to the Leadership of the New South Wales Free Trade Party 182
Volume 17 - 2015
Robert JordanMusic and the Military in New South Wales, 1788-18091
Peter GriggsBlack Poison or Beneficial Beverage? Tea Consumption in Colonial Australia23
Nicholas Dean Brodie'He had been a faithful servant': Henry Melville's lost manuscripts, Black Tom, and Aboriginal negotiations in Van Diemen's Land45
Jacqueline FoxCriminalising frontier conflict in Van Diemen's Land: Indigenous prosecutions during the Black War65
Libby Connors'Within an hour's ride' of the Capital: The Problem of Sovereignty in 185983
Lyndon MegarritySport, Culture and Ideology at the Brisbane Regatta (1848-73): Aboriginal-European Relations in an Emerging Colonial City101
Peter McAllister,
Shawn Rowlands,
Michael Westaway
The Blood and the Bone: The collection of human remains and frontier violence in colonial-era Queensland115
Paul TurnbullAnthropological Collecting and Colonial Violence in Colonial Queensland: A Response to 'The Blood and the Bone'133
Craig StockingsA 'Trojan Horse' in the Colony? Federal & Imperial Defence in the Australian Colonies, 1893-96159
Volume 16 - 2014
Editor: David Andrew Roberts
Angus R. McGilliveryReading a Sealed Agricultural Past: Hand Tools and Implements of Husbandry, Mixed Farming and a Colonial Yeomanry in the Antipodes1
David Dunstan &
Julie McIntyre
Wine, olives, silk and fruits: The Mediterranean plant complex and agrarian visions for a 'practical economic future' in colonial Australia29
Frank BongiornoSex, Empire and Sovereignty: Making Australian Sexuality51
Tim Castle'Time to reflect': Earl Bathurst and the origins of the New South Wales Executive Council73
Steven Anderson &
Paul Sendziuk
Hang the Convicts: Capital Punishment and the Reaffirmation of South Australia's Foundation Principles93
Liz RushenMarriage Options for Immigrant Women in Colonial Australia in the 1830s111
Dmytro OstapenkoEstablishing themselves on the new land: Port Phillip crop-growers in the 1840s127
Margaret BowmanWriters and Readers: Melbourne's Bohemians and its Athenaeum147
Peter Davies &
Susan Lawrence
A 'mere thread of land': Water races, gold mining and water law in colonial Victoria165
AUTHORDISCUSSION FORUM: 'The Crossing': Bicentennial Reflections on the 1813
Expedition Across the Blue Mountains
Richard WaterhouseCommemoration, Celebration and 'the Crossing'186
Grace KarskensThe Blue Mountains Crossings: New Histories from the Old Legends197
Martin ThomasMyths of Discovery and Settler Identity: Probing the 'first' Crossing of the Blue Mountains after 200 years226
David Andrew RobertsBeyond 'the Crossing': The Restless Frontier at Bathurst in the 1820s244
 Section: Book Reviews260
Volume 15 - 2013 Colonial democracy and Indigenous-settler relations
Editor: David Andrew Roberts

Julie Evans and Tessa Fluence 

Securing the Settler Polity: Martial Law and the Aboriginal Peoples of Van Diemen's Land1
Angela WoollacottManly Authority, Employing Non-White Labour, and Frontier Violence 1830s–1860s23
Jessie Mitchell'great difficulty in knowing where the frontier ceases': Violence, governance, and the spectre of India in early Queensland43
Samuel FurphyThe Trial of Warri: Aboriginal Protection and Settler Self Government in Colonial Victoria63
Leigh BoucherRace, Rights and the Re-forming Settler Polity in Mid-Nineteenth Century Victoria83
Robert Foster'His Majesty's most gracious and benevolent intentions': South Australia's Foundation, the Idea of 'Difference', and Aboriginal Rights105
Ann Curthoys and Jeremy MartensSerious Collisions: Settlers, Indigenous People, and Imperial Policy in Western Australia and Natal121
Ann GenoveseNarratives of Authority: Translating Yougarla145
Jill RoeRevisiting the frontier, from Miles Franklin's 'Brindabella' to South Australia's Eyre Peninsula. The 2012 Russel Ward Annual Lecture169
David StonemanJ. D. Lang, Scottish Rights and the Introduction of the 1836 Church Act183
Perry McIntyreThe Desire for a Wife: Convict Family Reunion and Remarriage in Colonial New South Wales202
 Section: Book Reviews223
Volume 14 - 2012
Editor: David Andrew Roberts 
Robert HaworthThe Several 'Discoveries' of Sydney's Georges River: Precursors to the Tom Thumb Expedition1
Jan HolcombGeorge Bunn & Co: A Study in British Venture Capital and Company Formation in Early-Colonial Australia29
Anne DoggettCrying in the Colonies: The Bellmen of Early Australia49
Jeff Brownrigg'Enthusiastic, idiot piety': John Dunmore Lang and Robert Burns69
Leigh StrawLandscapes of the Scottish Dead: Headstones and Identity in Colonial Tasmania89
Kate MatthewThe Female Middle Class Emigration Society Governesses in Australia: A Failed Vision?107
Kerry MillsLawmakers, Select Committees and the Birth of Democracy in New South Wales, 1843–1855131
Mark HearnStruggle Amongst Strangers: 'Anarchist Andrews' in fin de siècle Sydney155
Jim DavidsonAlso Under the Southern Cross: Federation Australia and South Africa — The Boer War and Other Interactions. The 2012 Russel Ward Annual Lecture183
 Discussion Forum: Beyond the Stain: Rethinking the Nature and Impact of the Anti-Transportation Movement205
 Section: Book Reviews280
Volume 13 - 2011 Pioneers and frontiers
Editor: David Andrew Roberts 
Hilary M. CareyBushmen and Bush Parsons: The Shaping of A Rural Myth. The 2010 Russel Ward Annual Lecture1
Jacqui NewlingDining with Strangeness: European Foodways on the Eora Frontier27
Robyn BallingerFrontierland and Homeland on the Northern Plains of Victoria, 1841-186949
Robert Hogg'The Most Manly Class that Exists': British Gentlemen on the Queensland Frontier65
Margaret SlocombThe Harris Case: the Murder of an Aboriginal man by the Native Police in the Burnett District, 186385
Ian D. Clark & David A. CahirUnderstanding Ngamadjidj: Aboriginal Perceptions of Europeans in nineteenth century Western Victoria105
Kerry HeckenbergA Lady's Point of View: Female Curiosity and Mrs Allan Macpherson's Experiences in Australia (1860)125
Meg ViversLandscapes or Inscapes? Alternative Perspectives on Frontier Life151
Shawn RowlandsLandscapes or Inscapes? Alternative Perspectives on Frontier Life183
Russell McGougallRobinson's Hares, Still Running207
 Book Reviews214
Elizabeth MarsdenStringybark Creek: The Thomas McIntyre Collection242
G.C. BenneyworthLt Colonel C.E.E. Umphelby, Australia's Highest Ranking Boer War Fatality: Establishing His Memorial249
Volume 12 - 2010
Editor: David Andrew Roberts
Grace Karskens and Richard Waterhouse 'Too sacred to be taken away': Property, Liberty, Tyranny and the 'Rum Rebellion' 1
Diane Sylvester Governor Lachlan Macquarie, Sir James Mackintosh and the Scottish Enlightenment 23
Anne Coote'This is the people's golden day': Anniversary Day Press Coverage and National Consciousness in New South Wales 39
Jessie MitchellAlpacas in Colonial Australia: Acclimatisation, Evolution and Empire 55
Julia ClarkA Question of Attribution: Port Arthur's Convict Portraits77
Alister BowenThe Central Role of Chinese People in Australia's Colonial Fishing Industry97
Mark LauchsThe Return of Manhood Suffrage to Queensland, 1863–1872119
Phil GriffithsFrom Humiliation to Triumph: Sir Henry Parkes, the Squatters and the Anti-Chinese Movement, 1877–1878143


Babette SmithLegend and Reality: The Genius of Russel Ward.
The 2009 Russel Ward Annual Lecture
Janette PelosiRecord-keeping in the Age of Governor Macquarie216
Lyndon MegarrityManuscripts, private papers, government files: The romance of the white glove versus the cult of efficiency223
Kate MatthewThe Search for Australia's Missing Governesses227
David A. RobertsBruce Arthur Mitchell (1935–2009)230
Volume 11 - 2009
Editor: David Andrew Roberts 
Julie McIntyreNot Rich and Not British: Philip Schaeffer, 'Failed' Colonial Farmer1
Meredith LakeProtestant Christianity and the Colonial Environment: Australia as a Wilderness in the 1830s and 1840s21
Margaret Rodwell'A few honest men': Assisted Immigration and the Family: Economy at Ollera Station, Guyra, 1840–c.186041
Andrew PiperA Love of Liberty: The Manipulation of the Colonial Tasmanian Institutional System by Invalids73
Kerry MillsGeorge Robert Nichols (1809–1857): Forgotten Patriot and Lawmaker101
Benjamin Thomas JonesColonial Republicanism: Re-examining the Impact of Civic Republican Ideology in Pre-Constitution New South Wales129
Kirsten OrrDesigning Sydney, 1879–1891: Visions of an Antipodean South Kensington147
John FerryThe Dangar Dynasty167
Christine ShergoldA Note on the Destruction of New South Wales Convict Records220
Babette SmithMolesworth Lives? A Reply to Some Reviewers of Australia's Birthstain227
Anne-Maree WhitakerRogue History?233
Volume 10 - 2008 Eureka: releasing the spirit of democracy

No.1 (2008)

Eureka: Releasing the Spirit of Democracy

Editor: David Andrew Roberts
Geoffrey Blainey Introduction 1
Anne Beggs-Sunter Eureka: gathering the 'Oppressed of all Nations' 15
Drew Cottle and Angela Keys The 'Southern Cross': a radical legacy 35
Keith McKenry The Ballads of Eureka 51
Jeffrey Atkinson and David Andrew Roberts 'Men of Colour': John Joseph and the Eureka treason trials 75
Dorothy Wickham 'Blood, Sweat and Tears': Women at Eureka 99
David Cahir and Ian D. Clark 'why should they pay money to the Queen?': Aboriginal Miners and Land Claims 115
Gaetano Rando Raffaello Carboni's Perception of Australia 129
Gregory Melleuish and A.R. Buck Democracy, Political Rhetoric and the Conservative Response to Manhood Sufferage in Colonial New South Wales 145
Charles Fahey 'Foreign to their feelings as freemen': Liberal politics in a goldfields community, Bendigo 1853-1883 161
 Section: Book Reviews 182

No.2 (2008)

Russel Ward: Reflections on the Legend

Editors: Frank Bongiorno and David Andrew Roberts
Frank Bongiorno and David Andrew Roberts Introduction i
C. Ward, R. Gollan,
D. Kent, J. Beckett,
J. Ryan & A. Grocott
Russel Ward - Influence and Inspiration 1
Angela Woollacott Russel Ward, Frontier Violence and Australian Historiography 23
David Andrew Roberts Russel Ward and the Convict Legend 37
John Merritt Shearers, Mountain Stockmen and The Australian Legend 59
Lisa Featherstone Sex and The Australian Legend: Masculinity and the White Man's Body 73
Alan Atkinson Russel Ward: Settlement and Apotheosis 91
Anne Coote Out from the Legend's Shadow: Re-thinking national feeling in colonial Australia 103
Lyndon Megarrity The Queensland Legend 123
Ben Maddison The Australian Legend, Russel Ward and the Parallel Universe of Nino Culotta 139
Joy Damousi A History of Australian Voice and Speech in The Australian Legend and Beyond 155
Drew Cottle A Bowyang Historian in the Cold War Antipodes: Russel Ward and the making of The Australian Legend 171
Carl Bridge Anglo-Australian Attitudes: Remembering and Re-reading Russel Ward 187
Frank Bongiorno Two Radical Legends: Russel Ward, Humphrey McQueen and the New Left Challenge in Australian Historiography 201
Humphrey McQueen Improvising Nomads 223

Read Ged Martin's review of this volume, from Reviews in Australian Studies, Vol. 3, No. 9, 2008.

Volume 9 - 2007
Editor: David Andrew Roberts
Catie Gilchrist'This Relic of the Cities of the Plain': Penal Flogging, Convict Morality and the Colonial Imagination1
James Bradley and
Cassandra Pybus
From Slavery to Servitude: The Australian Exile of Elizabeth and Constance29
Tim CastleConstructing Death: Newspaper reports of executions in colonial New South Wales, 1826-183751
Barry McGowanThe Making of a Legend: Quong Tart on the Braidwood Goldfields69
Richard TuffinThe Post Mortem Treatment of Convicts in Van Diemen's Land, 1814-187499
Erik EklundRetail Co-operatives as a Transnational Phenomenon: Exploring the composition of Australian colonial society and culture127
Kerry HeckenbergPhotography and Exploration: Issues related to the uptake of photography in Australian exploration155
 Section: Book Reviews189
 Section: Notes217
Volume 8 - 2006
Editor: David Andrew Roberts
Susan West'Spiders in the centre of their webs': the NSW police and bushranging in the 1860s1
David KentFrontier Conflict and Aboriginal Deaths: How do we weigh the evidence?23
Catie GilchristThe 'Crime' of Precocious Sexuality: Young male Convicts and the Politics of Separation43
Brian WalshAssigned convicts at Tocal: 'ne'er-do-wells' or exceptional workers?67
Miles LewisThe French Connection: The secret history of French influence in Australian Architecture91
William J. Metcalf and Guy FeatherstoneA Messiah for the West: J. C. M. Fisher and the Church of the Firstborn in Western Australia117
F. B. SmithCuring alcoholism in Australia, 1880s-1920s137

Sophie Couchman

'then in the distance Quong Tart did we see': Quong Tart, celebrity and photography159
Michael PowellThomas Conquit: conquering a colonial past183
 Section: Book Reviews201
Volume 7 - 2005 Escape: essays on convict Australia

Escape: Essays on Convict Australia

Editor: David Andrew Roberts
Grace Karskens'This spirit of emigration': the nature and meanings of escape in early New South Wales1
Ian Duffield'Haul away the anchor girls': Charlotte Badger, tall stories and the pirates of the 'bad ship Venus'35
Cassandra PybusThe many escapes of John Moseley65
William M. Robbins Spatial Escape and the Hyde Park Barracks81
David Andrew RobertsA 'change of place': illegal movement on the Bathurst frontier, 1822-182597
Erin Ihde'Bold, Manly-Minded men' and 'Sly, Cunning Base convicts': The Double Standard of Escape123
Stefan PetrowMen of Honour? The Escape of the Young Irelanders From Van Diemen's Land139
Jeffrey AuerbachThe Impossibility of Artistic Escape: Thomas Watling, John Glover, and the Australian Picturesque161
Lynette RossThe Final Escape: an analysis of suicide at the penal settlement of Port Arthur181
Volume 6 - 2004 The Chinese in colonial Australia

Active Voices, Hidden Histories: The Chinese in Colonial Australia

Editor: David Andrew Roberts
Alan Mayne'What you want John'? Chinese-European interactions on the Lower Turon goldfields1
Zvonkica StaninFrom Li Chun to Yong Kit: A Market Garden on the Loddon, 1851-191215
Barry McGowanThe Chinese on the Braidwood Goldfields: historical and archaeological opportunities35
Anna KyiUnravelling the Mystery of the Woah Hawp Canton Quartz Mining Company, Ballarat59
Amanda RasmussenNetworks and Negotiations: Bendigo's Chinese and the Easter Fair79
Dinah HalesLost Histories: Chinese-European Families of central Western New South Wales, 1850-8093
Heather HolstEqual before the law? The Chinese in the nineteenth-century Castlemaine police courts113

Maxine Darnell

Life and labour for indentured Chinese shepherds in New South Wales, 1847-55137
Kevin Wong HoyThursday Island en route to citizenship and the Queensland goldfields: Chinese aliens and naturalised British subjects, 1879-1903159
Keir ReevesA songster, a sketcher and the Chinese on central Victoria's Mount Alexander diggings: case studies in cultural complexity during the second half of the nineteenth century175
Volume 5 - 2004
Editor: David Andrew Roberts
Angus McGilliveryFrom Sods to Seed-beds: Cultivating a Familiar Field at Port Jackson1
Emma Christopher'Ten Thousand Times Worse than the Convicts': rebellious sailors, convict transportation and the struggle for freedom, 1787-180030
Tim CastleThe practical administration of justice: the adaptation of English law to colonial customs and circumstances47
Anne DoggettThe 'resistless fascination of the unknown': fifteen years of opera in Ballarat's 'other' golden age73
Ruth McConnell and Steve MullinsWe had both been drinking since Christmas': battered wives and dead abusive husbands in early colonial Rockhampton100
Donald Barker and Graeme Johanson BudgetsBooks and Billiards: the Eaglehawk Mechanics' Institute, 1869–1912120
Ben WellingsCrown and Country: empire and nation in Australian nationalism, 1788-1999148
Volume 4 - 2002

No.1 (April 2002)

Editors: Norma Townsend and Frank Bongiorno
Shirleen Robinson Queensland settlers and the creation of the first 'stolen generations': the unofficial removal of Aboriginal children in Queensland, 1842-1897 1
Amanda Laugesen The Politics of Language in Convict Australia, 1788-1850 17
Jeremy Sammut A Battle for the Past: A Victorian Perspective on Colonial Nationalism and Australian Republicanism 41
Hugh Anderson The Wild Colonial Jack Donahoe 57
Evelyn Shlomowitz (with Stephen Garton 'How much more generally applicable are remedial words than medicines': Care of the Mentally Ill in South Australia, 1858-1884 81
 Section: Book Reviews 104

No.2 (October 2002)

Editors: Frank Bongiorno and David Andrew Roberts
Stuart Macintyre'The History Wars': The 2003 Russel Ward Lecture, University of New England, 1 May 20031
Alan AtkinsonHoney and Wax: A Review of Keith Windshuttle, The Fabrication of Aboriginal History, volume one Van Diemen's Land, 1803-1847 (Macleay Press, Sydney 2002)20
Erin IhdeSend More Prostitutes: An Alternative View of Female Sexuality in Colonial New South Wales35
Leigh BeatonScottish Settlement and Identity In Western Australia: Arrivals 1829-185051
Meg ViversDealing With Difference: Evidence of European Women in Early Contact History72
 Section: Book Reviews97
Volume 3 - 2001

No.1 (April 2001)

Editor: Norma Townsend
Paul A. Pickering 'The Oak of English Liberty': Popular Constitutionalism in New South Wales, 1848-1856 1
Jan Kociumbus 'MaryAnn', Joseph Fleming and 'Gentleman Dick': Aboriginal-Convict Relationships in Colonial History 28
Martin Crotty Frontier Fantasies: Boy's Adventure Stories and the Construction of Masculinity in Australia, 1870 to 1920 55
Rod Kirkpatrick Advocate or Supplicant? Survival in the New South Wales Provincial Press to 1900 77
V.C. Malherbe South African Bushmen to Australia? Some Soldier Convicts Investigated 100
 Section: Book Reviews 125

No.2 (October 2001)

Editor: Norma Townsend
Clare Anderson Multiple Border Crossings: 'Convicts and Other Persons Escaped fromBotany Bay and residing in Calcutta' 1
Erin Ihde 'A Smart Volley of Dough-Boy Shot': A Military Food Riot in Colonial Sydney 23
Christine Wright 'Rogues and Fools': John Coghill and the convict system in New South Wales 38
Janice Newton Remembering King Billy 61
Charles Parkinson The 1875 Constitutional Crisis in Victoria 81
Anne Beggs-Sunter Celebrating 150 years of gold 102
Michael Sharkey Class of his Own: Francis Adams, Fiction and Biography 104
 Section: Book Reviews 111
Volume 2 - 2000

No.1 (April 2000)

Editor: Norma Townsend
Hamish Maxwell-Stewart & Bruce Hindmarsh `This is the bird that never flew': William Stewart, Major Donald MacLeod and the Launceston Advertiser 1
Shane Breen Local Authority in Colonial Tasmania 1858-1898 29
David Andrew Roberts `A Sort of Inland Norfolk Island'? Isolation, Coercion and Resistance on the Wellington Valley Convict Station, 1823-26. 50
 Section: Book Reviews 73
Sara Joynes The Australian Joint Copying Project and Sources for the Study of Convict Records (1945–1993) 84

No.2 (October 2000)

Editor: Norma Townsend
Frank Bongiorno An Antipodean Christminister? The Campaign for Evening Lectures at the University of Melbourne, 1890-92 1
Bruce Bennett Ego, Sight and Insight in Convict Fiction by Henry Savery and John Boyle O'Reilly 28
Lyndon Megarrity 'Don't You Think They Know Their Business Best?' The failure of Private Railway Companies in Late Colonial Queensland 41
Andrew Messner Popular Constitutionalism and Chinese Protest on the Victorian Goldfields 63
 Section: Book Reviews 79
Volume 1 - 1999

No.1 (April 1999)

Editor: Norma Townsend
Anne Coote Imagining a Colonial Nation: The Development of Popular Concepts of Sovereignty and Nation in New South Wales with Particular Reference to the Period between 1856 and 1860 1
Kris McCabe Discipline and Punishment: Female Convicts on the Hunter 38
Andrew Messner Contesting Chartism from afar: Edward Hawksley and the People's Advocate 62
Alison Vincent Clergymen and Convicts 95
Alan Atkinson Richard Atkins: The Women's Judge 115
 Section: Book Reviews 143

No.2 (August 1999)

Editor: Norma Townsend
Michael Belcher Demographic Influences on Children and the Family in New South Wales, 1820–1841 1
Andrew Moran Alexander Harris: The Man and His Family 30
Narelle Iliffe First Fruits: Baptists in New South Wales, c.1830-1856 45
Gregory Melleuish Metahistory Strategies in Nineteenth-Century Australia 80
Beverly Zimmeran Catholic Imperialism and Moral Citizenship: The Coming of the Redemptorists to the Maitland Diocese, 1882 103
John Ferry The Will and the Way: Inheritance Practices and Social Structure 122
 Section: Book Reviews 142