Australian Wool Education Trust Support

Wool Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships

Australian Wool Education Trust co-funds undergraduate scholarships, each valued at $6000/year, for students interested in working in the wool industry. Support for these scholarships is also provided by industry organisations, as well as work experience. Scholarships are provided to school leavers, 1st and 2nd year University students. Applications for these scholarships are due on Friday 24th October 2014. Download an application form and referee report.

Our current industry co-sponsors include:

Honours Scholarships

The Trust supports 15 Honours scholarships per year (available to suitable applicants from any University), each of which is valued at $6,000 - $3,000 allocated to the student and the balance to the University to fund student research. Applications for these scholarships can be made directly to the Trust.

Travel Awards

The Trust will also provide reimbursement of economy travel and accommodation expenses, to the intensive schools of each unit. The amount students will be reimbursed depends on the location of the intensive school and tax receipts must be provided with this form.

Recently awarded scholarship holders

Nicola Turner

Nicola Turner is a third year student studying a Bachelor of Animal Science, majoring in Livestock Production at the University of New England, Armidale. Nicola is from a station 130 km from Broken Hill, spread over 180 000 acres running sheep, cattle and goats. Her keen interest in livestock, particularly sheep and wool production has come from her rural upbringing and family back ground. Nicola said "I have always had a keen interest in sheep and wool production. Having this scholarship has made studying and living away from home much easier for me through reducing the financial burden of being an independent, self funded student. I can now fully focus on my studies."

Nicola studied Wool Processing in 2012 and plans to study Sheep Production and possibly Wool Marketing and Clip Preparation while at UNE. "WOOL482 blew me away with the opportunities we were given on the Intensive School. The lectures before the school helped to give a basic understanding but the Intensive School put it all into perspective and was incredibly interesting." Throughout university, Nicola has tried to pick a broad range of subjects including Nutrition, Feedlot Management, Farm and Resource Management and Wool Processing. "I felt that if I pick a broad range of subjects, I can get a taste of many different sectors in the agricultural industry. I feel this will also make me more employable as I will hopefully have the basic concepts for a variety of areas from feed lotting to wool processing."

Career wise, Nicola has a long and very broad list of 'ideal jobs' as she is interested in all aspects of the livestock industry; "All I want to do is work with animals and try to improve production systems, profitability margins and always maintain the welfare of the animal. Ultimately, one day I want to own and run a grazing property and transfer and implement all that I will learn onto this business, making it efficient and profitable."