Seminars held in 2017

Seminar TitlePresenter(s)
Conceptualization of Mindfulness using Structural Equation Modelling: An Integration of Western and Eastern Ideas Associate Professor Huy Phan
The Cuban Adult Literacy Campaign (Yes, I Can) in Aboriginal Western NSW, 2012-17:  Has it Worked?, A Report on Preliminary Findings Related to Campaign Governance and Organisation Associate Professor Toni Schofield (USyd) and Associate Professor Bob Boughton
DECRA Session Dr Fiona Utley and Dr Kath Dougall
Effective Professional Development for Music in the Primary School Dr Benjamin Thorn and Dr Inga Brasche
A holistic approach to revitalizing our Anaiwan languageCallum Clayton-Dixon and Bradley Widders
Identifying and planning for research impact: What it looks like on the ground

Jo Bird, Nadya Rizk, Marty Schmude and Stephen Heimans

Introducing the Concept of ‘Profiling’ of Optimal Best

Huy P. Phan, Bing H. Ngu and Oqab Alrashidi

Ego is not a dirty word: Online reseacher profiles Gabrielle Lamb
Nvivo II, An Introdiction Dr Nadya Rizk
Questions About Questions Dr Benjamin Thorn
Research Data Management: services supporting your research Gabrielle Lamb, Thomas Reeson and Dr Paddy Tobias
Research Supervision: The good, the bad and the ugly Marg Rogers-Baber, Marty Schmude, Jo Bird, Rachael Adlington, Sue Gregory
Research Supervision: The good, the bad and the ugly from the other side Dr Sue Elliott, Professor Margaret Sims, Professor Neil Taylor, Associate Professor Huy Phan, Associate Professor Sue Gregory, Dr Michelle Bannister-Tyrrell
Routes into Languages Dr Catherine Watts (Univ. of Brighton)
Somenthing went wrong Martin Levins and Associate Professor Sue Gregory
SPSS. An Introduction Dr Rob Whannell
STEM: What is it? Dr Rob Whannell
Student preparedness for interaction in an online learning environment Dr Mitchell Parkes and Dr Peter Fletcher
Teaching out of field in Maths and Science: the experiences of rural and regional teachers Dr Frances Quinn
Teaching the distinctive language of Science Dr Frances Quinn and Associate Professor Susan Feez
Theorising Education as a Practice Professor Stephen Kemmis