Timetable — Teacher Education Courses

In order to accommodate periods of professional experience (‘prac’), which need to be arranged when schools and early childhood centres are not on holiday, the School of Education has a different timetable of teaching weeks from the rest of the university. Even though some online students arrange their pracs at different times, the teaching timetable is structured around the dates set aside for ‘no on-campus classes’.

2018 - important dates for School of Education students

Trimester 1 2018Dates
Weeks 1 - 8 (Teaching)**5 March - 27 April 2018
Weeks 9 - 12 (20 day window for Professional Experience)***30 April - 25 May 2018
Trimester 2 2018 
Weeks 1 - 5 (Teaching)**9 July - 10 August 2018
Weeks 6 - 9 (20 day window for Professional Experience)***13 August - 7 September 2018
Weeks 10 - 13 (3 weeks teaching within a 4-week block)10 September - 5 October 2018
Trimester 3 2018 
Weeks 1 - 7 (Teaching)**5 November - 21 December 2018
Weeks 8 - 9 (Non-teaching time frame) UNE Christmas/New Year closure24 December 2018 - 6 January 2019
Weeks 10-11 (2 weeks teaching)7-18 January 2019
**Extra week/s of teaching in some units

The following units with an integrated prac have an extra week of teaching (six instead of five weeks) before the professional experience dates:

  • EDUC550 (Master of Teaching)
  • EDUC404
  • Units which have "online prac" may require you to attend additional weeks of teaching during the window allocated for Professional Experience.  Please see your unit Moodle site for further information.

The extra teaching week/s allows students to cover the material required for assessment tasks that need to be carried out during prac.

Special note for online students

Online students should try to complete their professional experience in the non-teaching weeks designated for prac. Where a school is not available and the prac must be arranged for a different time, students may need to apply for a Special Extension of Time for university assessment tasks that have a due date during their prac.

We expect students to focus on professional experience without the stress of concurrently trying to complete other university work. The exception to this — i.e. not doing university work while on prac — is when you’re enrolled in units with an integrated prac that is part of the assessment task/s in the unit.