Welcome to Writing at UNE! We offer distinctive programs in Writing at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These programs are relevant to many employment areas and provide a constructive framework for pursuing both professional and creative interests in the art and craft of writing.

Why study Writing at UNE?

In Writing programs at UNE, you can explore:

  • Reading and writing popular genres (eg travel writing)
  • Reading and writing non-fiction
  • Literary creative writing
  • Children's literature and media
  • Media-based writing
  • Writing for radio
  • Research and writing for audiovisual media (eg documentary)
  • Reviewing and arts-based writing
  • News and advertising
  • Rhetoric and public affairs
  • Professional and industry-oriented writing
  • Reports, proposals and other organisational communications
  • Publishing and editing
  • Academic and scholarly writing
  • Convergences of print, audiovisual and electronic media
  • Writing for the web

Students may also participate in the Work Integrated Learning Program by enrolling in a WORK300 or WORK500 unit. Students will be able to apply their academic knowledge and develop professional skills relevant to their course of study to assist them with gaining employment.

Undergraduate courses

Writing can be studied as a major in the following courses:

Bachelor degrees

For Bachelor Honours see under postgraduate courses.

Undergraduate Diplomas

in which you can study Writing

Postgraduate courses

Writing can also be studied at postgraduate level in coursework or research programs.

Bachelor Honours

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Postgraduate coursework

Postgraduate research

Higher degree research may be undertaken in Writing at UNE, either by traditional thesis or in creative practice.

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The following is a general list of the units from the School of Arts that contribute to the Writing area. Please note that more specific information about the unit requirements for particular courses and majors is available on the Course and Unit Catalogue.

Introductory level units

These units are offered every year:

  • WRIT101 The Craft of Academic Writing
  • WRIT102 Storytelling and Genre Writing

Advanced level units

Undergraduate units here are at the 300 level; coursework postgraduate units are at the 500 level.
Normally, each unit on this list is offered once every two years. This arrangement allows us to offer a wider range of units overall.

Project-based units that may count towards media and communications, with staff approval

  • Advertising/Copywriting
  • Public relations
  • Journalism (with appropriate related qualifications)
  • Professional and organisational writing in both the private and public sectors
  • Media-based writing
  • Scriptwriting - political/theatrical (TV; drama)
  • Research positions in cultural institutions (eg, museums, art galleries)
  • Teaching (with appropriate related qualification)
  • Professional communication consultancy
  • Ghostwriting
Partnerships and networks

Further Information

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