Theatre and Performance

The Bachelor of Theatre and Performance, the Bachelor of Arts (Theatre) and the Master of Applied Theatre Studies at UNE are unique courses in both practical and theoretical aspects of theatre. They are offered full-time and part-time, to both on- and off-campus students.

Why Study Theatre and Performance at UNE?

The UNE Theatre and Performance program has been developed by innovative and knowledgeable teachers who combine scholarship with practical and professional experience. In 2007 the program was given a prestigious national award by the Carrick Institute (now the Australian Learning and Teaching Council) for its innovative teaching methods.

The Theatre and Performance program at UNE is relevant to almost everyone, from those students who want to gain some experience in public speaking, oral communication and presentation through to experienced theatre practitioners and teachers who want to enhance and enrich their knowledge and professional skills.

The Bachelor of Theatre and Performance examines theatre through a balance of theory and practice, and from many points of view. Different units of study focus on the roles of the actor, playwright, director, dramaturg, critic, theatre historian, scholar, teacher and audience. They look at Australian theatre and world theatre, at popular and classic forms.

Theatre Studies Script Library

Theatre Studies has an extensive library, which includes out-of-print and and rare items. To view the catalogue of all titles held in the Script Library, please follow the link: UNE Theatre Studies Script Library Catalogue. Select 'Guest Account' to access the catalogue. Membership of the Script Library is required to be able to borrow any items.

Ever thought about studying Theatre off campus?

At UNE you can study a range of courses with a full major in both practical and theoretical Theatre Studies by distance education. This is relevant to people wanting to teach Drama in secondary schools, those who want to develop their skills or knowledge in order to be involved in the practice of theatre, either professionally or as part of an amateur group, and those who simply want to learn more about the history of theatre, its practice, and its role in our society.

Distance education at UNE (also known as off-campus, external study, correspondence learning or open learning) means that you can study for the whole degree from your home without needing to relocate to Armidale. Some units of study have mandatory intensive schools which require attendance on campus, usually for four days, during the relevant semester, but many others have online components which mean that students do not have to travel to Armidale to complete the unit.


Bachelor's courses in which you can major in Theatre and Performance

You can also study Theatre and Performance as an elective in almost any Bachelor's course offered at UNE; check the course rules to see how many electives you are permitted to include. Apart from the Bachelor of Theatre and Performance, there are no auditions. Any student accepted into UNE is welcome to enrol in the introductory units (THEA 110 and THEA 111) and then progress to more advanced units after satisfactorily completing them.

Undergraduate Diplomas in which you can study Theatre and Performance

Postgraduate course work awards in which you can study Theatre and Performance

Bachelor Honours

Postgraduate Research


  • THEA110/THEA 210 Introduction to Live Performance
  • THEA111 The Playwright and the Play
  • THEA202 Creative Arts Performance and Analysis
  • THEA234 Speaking in Public
  • THEA304 The Classic Play and Performance Now
  • THEA302 Creative Arts Performance and Analysis II.

Please read About THEA 302 first. A satisfactory proposal must be completed and approved before permission to enrol in the unit is complete.

  • THEA307 The Actor's Craft
  • THEA317 Australia on Stage
  • THEA318 Minorities and Majorities in Australian Theatre
  • THEA321 Scriptwriting for the Theatre
  • THEA330 The Role of the Director
  • THEA333 Directing and Production
  • THEA390 Performance Studies in Context
  • THEA401H Theatre Studies Hons Coursework
  • THEA402H Theatre Studies Hons Dissertation
  • THEA501 Performance Preparation and Research
  • THEA502 The Entrepreneurial Theatre Maker
  • THEA503 Advanced Theatre Performance and Analysis
  • EDAE317 Drama Skills for Secondary Teachers
  • THEA504 The Classic Play and Performance Now
  • THEA517 Australia on Stage
  • THEA518 Minorities and Majorities in Australian Theatre
  • THEA521 Scriptwriting for the Theatre


Many of our graduates have gone on to work as drama teachers in secondary schools. Some have progressed to specialised actor-training institutions and work in the profession. Others are employed in a range of occupations where exceptional oral communication and public presentation skills are required.

Partnerships, Networks and Industry Links


Theatre and Performance at UNE has a fully-equipped theatre with a fly tower, two workshop studios, a wardrobe and props room, a carpentry workshop and a script library. UNE is also home to the Campbell Howard collection of Australian play scripts and the Stage on Screen collection of video materials on Australian theatre.

Further information

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