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How to Study Sociology at UNE:

You can major in sociology in either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Social Science (BSocSci).

The BA is a broad-based Arts degree in which you can also study related fields such as history, human and physical geography, literature, linguistics, philosophy and politics.

The BSocSci is for students who wish to major in sociology and/or psychology plus a range of other social science majors.

In either degree program, you can choose sociology units such as:

  • Media and Society
  • Globalisation, Development and Social Change
  • Sex and Sexuality
  • Health and Illness
  • The City and Social Thought

You will also be given a thorough grounding in social research methods and analysis.

A list of courses and units in sociology are found by expanding the tabs below:

Sociology Courses
Sociology Units
Undergraduate Units
Unit IDUnit Title
SOCY100 Introduction to Sociology
SOCY110 Foundations of Society
SOCY300 The City and Social Thought 
SOCY301 Changing Climate, Changing Lives 
SOCY307 Media and Society
SOCY308 Contemporary Social Theory: Debates and Controversies
SOCY313 Social Policy
SOCY319 Globalisation, Development and Social Change
SOCY321 Sociology of Health and Illness 
SOCY332 Consumer Society 
SOCY336 The Family and Children in Society
SOCY340 Foundations of Modernity: An Introduction to Social Theory
SOCY345 Mixed Methods in Social Research
SOCY350Migration, Society and Diversity
SOCY354 The Sociology of Youth and Delinquency
SOCY356 The State, Power and Violence
SOCY360 Social Inequalities
SOCY374 Mental Health and Society
SOCY382 Sex and Pleasure in Western Culture
SOCY393The Body in Society
SOCY401H Sociology Hons Coursework
SOCY402H Sociology Hons Dissertation
SOCY501 Changing Climate, Changing Lives 
SOCY513 Social Policy
SOCY519 Globalisation, Development and Social Change
SOCY556 The State, Power and Violence
SOCY582 Sex and Pleasure in Western Culture

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