Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour – our individual characteristics and abilities, how we act in social situations, how our brain works, and how our experiences and biology interact to produce normal and abnormal behaviour. Psychology has applications to many areas of life, including relationships, work, and health. Psychology students learn to ask and how to answer important questions about behaviour. How can a psychologist help autistic children? Where in the brain are memories stored? What influences us more - situations or personality? Why are some students motivated to work hard while others don't try at all?

Psychology graduates are employed in many fields that involve interacting with people, understanding psychological principles, or conducting psychological research. This may include working as a counsellor, research assistant, human resource consultant, market researcher, health and social welfare worker, professional psychologist, or academic. The research and data analysis skills acquired while studying psychology are also highly valued in many workplaces. Please refer to our psychology careers page for further information.