Linguistics Postgraduates


Name Areas of interest Contact Details
Sura Alani Stylistic study of images and metaphor in selected mass media texts
Mohammed Alenzi The Pragmatics of code-switching and medical student identities in Saudi Arabia
Thoai TonEthnopragmatics, language behaviors, and translation
Arvind IyengarSociolinguistics, phonetics & phonology, writing systems.
Thesis title - Sindhi in the Roman Script: An Investigation into Community Acceptance
Jesta Masuku Intersections of cross-border languages, trade and transnational citizenships in southern Africa
Emil Mittag A linguistic description of Arammba, a language of Southern New Guinea
Joanna Mittag A linguistic description of Lockhart River Creole
David Penn MA Language documentation and description; linguistic ecologies in the Asia-Pacific region
PhilipTama A study of Taeme, a language of Southern New Guinea

Past Postgraduates

Name Thesis Title Graduation Year
Alexander, Dennis Literal, Figurative, Abstract: A Semantic Investigation Into Literal Meanings And Metaphorical Uses Of English "Game" And "Play"
Beimers, Gerry Pijin: A Grammar Of Solomon Islands Pidgin
Cogill, Dorothea Signed Language Classifier Predicates As Template Visual Representation
Cooke, Michael Anglo/Yolngu Communication In The Criminal Justice System
Costa, Virginia Wordplay Ambiguity In Second Language Acquisition: A Hong Kong Case Study
Couper, Graeme Teaching And Learning L2 Pronunciation : Understanding The Effectiveness Of Socially Constructed Metalanguage And Critical Listening In Terms Of A Cognitive Phonology Framework
Gilliver Megan (with School of Psychology) Linguistic Characteristics Of Preschoolers In Relation To Risk For Developmental Reading Disability
Habib, Sandy Contrastive Lexical-Conceptual Analysis Of Folk Religious Concepts In English, Arabic And Hebrew: NSM Approach'
Hill, Stephen Yolŋu Matha And English Learning At Galiwin'ku, An Indigenous Community In North-East Arnhem Land
Ho, Judy Text In Context: A Comparative Study Of Australian And Chinese Children's Written Narratives
Korompot, Chairil Giving Teachers Their Voices: Indonesian EFL Teachers' Perspectives On Professional Teaching Standards In The Context Of In-Service Teacher Certification Programs In Indonesia
Langlois, Annie Areyonga Teenage Pitjantjatjara: Alive And Kicking
Levisen, Carsten The Danish Universe Of Meaning: Semantics, Cognition And Cultural Values
Munro, Jen Substrate Language Influence In Kriol: The Application Of Transfer Constraints To Language Contact In Northern Australia
Nicholls, Sophie Referring Expressions And Referential Practice In Roper Kriol (Northern Territory, Australia)

Rakhmawati, Ani

A comparison of the organization of English and Indonesian research articles: combining perspectives on genre and multilingual competence2013

Schneider, Cynthia

A Grammar Of Abma, A Language Of Pentecost Island, Vanuatu
Stollznow, Karenina Key Words In The Discourse Of Discrimination: A Semantic Analysis
Tasker, Isabel The Dynamics Of Chinese Learning Journeys: A Longitudinal Study Of Adult Learners Of Mandarin In Australia
Tien, Adrian The Semantics Of Children's Mandarin Chinese: The First Four Years.
Waters, SophiaLexical semantics; French language and culture; Australian English; NSM (Natural Semantic Metalanguage); cross-cultural communication; pragmatics.
Wess, NathalieThe relationship between individual differences in inhibition and proficiency in a second language2014